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Ted Nugent Essay

Essay about Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent had a lot of influences in his life from great guitar players to just great mentors. First off, Jimi Hendrix was one of his biggest musical influences because Ted loved Jimi's style and music. Secondly, his father is, to him, his greatest mentor and has influenced him the most throughout his life in everything from music to hunting. Third, Charlton Heston , the leader of the NRA has been a hero to Ted. Ted has followed Heston throughout many years of his life. There are many other influences that Ted draws inspiration from. He is a well-rounded guy who enjoys all types of people with different interests.


I would say that Ted's main accomplishment would be founding his own club, Ted Nugent United Sportsmen of America. This was a major thing for him because he was involved with the NRA for so long that he wanted to start an organization of his own and so he did. It all started when he was around thirty years old. He had always had this idea of sort of starting his own organization and have it geared towards people who like hunting. It now has thousands of members and is a great success. His main goal was to be able to let kids in the organization to enjoy some hunting. Now there is an organization that lets kids in.

The biggest challenge that Ted Nugent faced was probably sticking up for what he believes in to his main musical influence, Jimi Hendrix. Before Hendrix died Ted had a chance to meet him. He had a chance to even hang out with him one night after a concert. Well while they were hanging out Jimi kept offering him drugs and Ted stood up to his anti-drug policy and told him no. Not only that but Jimi also bashed his pro-gun views and Ted just kept standing up to what he believed in. I think that would have been his biggest challenge.

Why is Ted Nugent significant? He not only is one really good guitar player but he is true to his beliefs. He has crossbred hunting with rock and roll. He has changed the way people think and has made them more informed about guns mainly. He has given the second amendment and new, bold meaning. Being against gun control, I do share some of his feelings on guns. I also dig his music because of his adrenaline and great guitar playing abilities.

The turning point for Ted would be when he went hunting for the first time at the age of ten. For the first time in his life he realized that hunting was the thing for him. Ever since then he has never missed the first week of deer hunting season. Ever since then he has realized that he was put on this earth to uphold the second amendment. Ever since then he learned that Rock 'n 'Roll is the only way to go. He will never forget that first day of hunting with his dad.

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