Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Psycho Essay

Psycho Movie Analysis Essay

The film Psycho opened the world's eyes to horror films and it did this in a very successful way. This was achieved by director Alfred Hitchcock who used sound design as a key element in the film. Music for the film was composed by Bernard Herrmann with the use of only string instruments that became the sound motif of the film.


This was how Hitchcock created a connection and suspense with the viewer, through music. Only at key moments in Psycho was music utilized to create drama and have continual build up through the film. To add to this the music would start slowly and as the scene intensifies, the music would speed up. This allowed the viewer to feel the emotions and tension of the character through the music. As well in some scenes the voice of Marianne thinking in her head would be heard.

This adds the characters confusion and scattered thoughts to the building tension. By having key music in Psycho, Hitchcock is forcing the viewer's adrenaline to start pumping every time they hear that certain sound. To add to this Hitchcock uses amazing camera angles to intensify his effects. These elements are combined to build the viewer up for the brutal murder scene. The intense shrieking of the strings heightens the tension of the murder causing the viewers adrenaline to rush. As well the editing with forty-five different shots of the murder in thirty seconds creates drama in the scene, which corresponded perfectly with the music. This displays the dedication to detail that Hitchcock had and how he believed in high quality production. This film went on to be one of the most famous horror movies which was easily recognized for its motif. This shows the power that sound and music can have in film when used skillfully.

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