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Quentin Tarantino Essay

Essay on Quentin Tarantino

Killing is easy, tells us Quentin Tarantino. Even if your opponent will fight using teeth and nails and cause you pain. "Revenge is a cold dish, but seasoned with hot pepper - coveted delicacy for "foodies."

In early 1992, no one has ever heard of Tarantino. By the end of the year, he was greeted as a messiah of the new-fashioned cinema. With the advent of "Pulp Fiction," media and the film industry itself underwent a powerful shock. Apocryphal story, of course, is that between the time, when Tarantino was plowing behind the counter of the store videotapes, and that when he made ​​his first film "Reservoir Dogs," was less than a minute. There are many versions of his difficult childhood: his mother, a teenager from a remote village, half Cherokee, who grew up in the American south and brought up his ragamuffin son in the Appalachians, illuminated by moonlight. In search of work, she moved to Los Angeles, and the small Quentin dropped out of school, and started to make his way through life reveling in debauchery on the streets. Such stories are rarely true. Quentin Tarantino is not the star of the working class.


The main topics for reflection, insistently offered by Tarantino in his movies to the audience in his movies are an excess of violence in this world, the violence perpetrated by women, violence against women, and murders taking place in the eyes of a child.

Throughout his pictures, the feeling haunts us that we are witnessing the farce: this world is full of sick people, including the director of the movie, who obviously is seriously ill. But in fact it turns out to be yet another gimmick.

For example, could an one-eyed killer accompanying theatrics its preparation for the next vile murder be completely mentally adequate? Artfully created atmosphere of the movie suggests that the murder is a nice, little tickling the nerves work, and life is nothing.

This position of the depreciation and non-attachment to life is the ideology of Japanese ninja and samurai (and a component of Buddhism). And Bill - behind the scenes - is trying to convey this stance in life - together with the creator of the movie, which, I think, is also no stranger to these philosophical views.

The deliberate exaggeration, exaggerated imagination, reflected in the form of our perception of shocking images of violence - these are the qualities of character that are hidden from mere observer, but requiring development.

As the very extravagant to the extreme creativity - just a screen for the secret motive of the case, not the result of promiscuity, and karmic necessity - for the most secure and harmonious development of Tarantino’s personality.

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Essay on Marketing Research

Marketing research is very important tool which an organization can expand and grow its businesses. In order to understand how marketing research is done, I would make reference to one of the marketing survey in which I participated as a member of a focused group. Indeed, Cypricot Inc. the company that organized for the survey was in to find out the probable reasons as to why consumers prefer the services of its rival company over its own company. It is on this basis that focus groups were formed with questions on the telephony industry with reference to Cypricot and its competitors.

My experience during the focus group discussion was very good. Indeed, we had a host of questions to discuss with regard to products offered by the telephony companies and hoe they differed with those offered by Cypricot. On this basis, we were able to identify factors that favored the design of the products and services offered by Cypriot’s competitors and how Cypricot could turn its opportunities into expansion strategies. During the interaction, I appreciated that focus group is a very important tool of research as a variety of response and information could be obtained from each member on the market and the strategic moves the company ought to take so as to gain a competitive advantaged.

Friday, October 4, 2013

American History 1763-1776 Essay

American History 1763-1776

In the 1700s there was a connection between the united colonies and the Great Britain which had some things done commonly. Trade was governed uniformly by a set authority which gave no room for liberty. Great Britain was not ready to release the united colonies and brought in tensions. The king of Great Britain also didn’t buy the idea of the United Nations to have their right to liberty, but instead governed through arbitration. This paper analyses the compositions of different people who had undertaken research about the issue and created a lasting reference for generations to come.

A congress took place in October 19, year 1965 which was meant to pass some declaration which had some effect to the American people. The declaration was very significant since they revolved around the issues that were sensitive to the people concerned. Declaration included the imposition of no tax top the English men and the people in general. They claimed that the people were supposed to pay tax on their own consent and not by any kind of force or coerce. It was also fair to pay tax through representation done through other bodies chosen. This was to help put a distinction between two powers.

According to Dickinson, certain letter from a farmer dated December 1767 gave some important information on the duties imposition and the reason why they were given to the people or colonies. The Act to present or grant on people on paper glass seemed unconstitutional, and therefore, not sound. The parliament had the mandate to regulate trade between the colonies and Great Britain so as its results would be substantial. It was prudent enough to regulate trade between the mother and the colonies since there was a connection created which had to be presided over by a significant power from the region. It was made clear that the Acts were made for no more purpose, but to regulate trade between the existing parties to create a mutual satisfaction and interest. Raising revenue was not the sole purpose of imposing or asking for duties, but instead the parliament decided it to ensure that that one part of commerce was restrained.

In the process of a meeting held in town violation and infringement of Said rights of the people was explained and discussed at length. This was to aid agreement and confirmation between the two groups who had parallel interests in the courts. During judgment infringement of rights was decreed which was a clear indication of what was happening on the ground. The measures taken between the two groups remained infringement until when they were justified in a significant court of the land. It was necessary to issue grievances which gave the need to obtain a redress concerning grievances.

One issue that brought in problems was the appointment of new officers besides the powers given the appointment of officers was supposed to be done through an administration and supervision of a general court. The officers had much power and authority on the people of the land and their appointment was therefore supposed to be done officially. The officers were supposed to serve the two different groups through the power and authority granted to them. The power and authority was meant to make sure that everything functioned on well as expected and planned. Handing over of fortree was done at a time that some of the inhabitants in towns went through slaughter action where blood was scattered almost everywhere.

The legal and natural rights of the people went through trial when invaded by the parliament in place in Great Britain which did not favor the colonies. The rights and interests of the people were not guaranteed since the parliament had power and influence to make decision which never at anyway provided a solution to them. There was in the 17th century a trade named as the Boston trade which was taken away through an Act powered lately by the parliament. This move was said to be very dangerous to the rights of empire of Britain as a whole. The move was not favorable to the colonies which had a connection to the Great Britain for a certain period. George III was called in to help in prevention of right infringement through the legislature present in the empire. This kind of action would fetch credit from the people since it gives relief from negative activities against them.

The existence of a constitution was a relief to the people living in the colonies and it held a statement that took care of the rights of the people. The rights that were made clear are that colonies that had a connection with Great Britain were subject to England common law which was clear and didn’t favor any party. The trial for colonies was also supposed to be done and regulated by peers which was colonies rights which was not supposed to be denied. No army was supposed to take position in colonies when there was peace and could only be done with consent from the colonies legislation which had powers and authority to give such a mandate. If an army did against the ruling of the colonial legislature, then the action was termed to be against the law set.

According to john Adams, exemption from the power of governing parliament was taken to be slander of written information which meant that it was not sound to claim such a favor. Parliament ruling and governing was not liked by people since it did not consider the rights that were subject to them. Patriots of a main province in great Britain loved to enjoy and go by their privileges which were allowed to them including allowing tax on their own behalf and a having an internal governing of concerns without the influence of external forces. The patriots wished that the situation would take longer time since they felt it was more comfortable to them. Nevertheless, the regulation of trade was still done by parliament which had internal policy and taxation eliminated from its mandates.

Following a second continental congress, it is clear that the united colonies had decided to make a petition against the Great Britain which they were still tied to from the old times. The petition was made to a king who had the power and authority to influence the decision of the parliament on certain areas of concern. The united colonies felt that their attachment existing to liberty was paramount and nobody was supposed to compromise it. Their big intention was to break from the connection they had with the Great Britain which had lasted for many years. Considering the successive events, everything was clear to the united colonies that the hope intended for to have moderation from the counterparts was not anymore available.

According to Thomas, king had standing power to govern the whole issue about the legislation of an existing continent which could be at the expense of minority group who in this case was the united colonies. The king of Great Britain was said to be an enemy to expect liberty, and therefore, could not allow or support the move by the united colonies. The king advocated for arbitration which was not in the favor of the petitioners and claimed that no law could be made unless he himself brings it to pass.

It is necessary to break political bands when necessary to end any connection which is not worth while, but it is usually very hard and challenging since a party can only proof reasons of separations and declare them to the letter. Where a government does not give the best to be executed, people have the power to abolish and alter it to fit the acts of the land.

The united colonies had a right to separate from the Great Britain connection which denied them the right to liberty. The Parliament intention was to retain the colonies under their control which was beneficial to them. The united colonies intentions to separate from the Great Britain connection were all in vain. The people have power to abolish and alter governments if not well regulated according to the acts. George III was requested and called upon to help in preventing legislation from denying the colonies their right to liberty which was a good way to win merit from people.
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How to Write an Essay Effectively

How to Write an Essay Effectively

Naturally, essay writing is supposed to be the basic assignment at every high school, college and university, because it develops student’s writing skills and critical thinking abilities. Essay writing requires knowledge on the topic, awareness about the structure of the paper and the logical order of the presentation of data. 

Moreover, it is impossible to complete a successful essay if one does not possess rich imagination and can not operate facts professionally. The process of essay writing is supposed to be an easy one, but many students, especially inexperienced ones face numerous problems which prevent them from writing a good paper.

Collect the Necessary Facts First
Before writing an essay one should focus his attention on the data which can be helpful for the analysis of the topic under research. It is possible to find books and articles in periodicals and in the Internet in order to find reliable facts which can explain the topic well and improve your knowledge on the problem. It is important to find up-to-date information in order to complete a high-quality essay.

Arrange a Correct Structure
Every experienced writer knows that there are dozens types of essays which require different manner of writing but the structure of an essay is single. As a rule, an essay consists of three parts: exposition, the main body and denouement. A successful exposition introduces the topic to the reader and explains the problem which will be analyzed in the main part. A student should start writing thought-provoking and interesting things at the very beginning in order to attract the reader’s attention and catch him till the end of the essay. 

The main body describes the problem, analyzes and criticizes it and a denouement summarizes the whole content of the essay and presents wise ideas which can be called a conclusion of the whole discussion of the problem in the essay.

Keep to the Appropriate Manner of Writing
An essay is a literary genre of writing and it is impossible to compose a good text without numerous stylistic devices which can make the essay sound nice. One should remember that a successful essay should not be a complete narration, but possess some emotional side, which can make the text look colourful. Then, when one is asked to compare a few sides of the problem, he should organize the text professionally and present the positive and negative sides of the problem making the essay logical and interesting. Every essay should be persuasive, because the writer presents his own point of view and he should prove that his thoughts are right. The text should sound in such a way to convince the reader in the validity of the written data.

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How to Review a Website Essay

Essay: How to review a website

Websites can be effective or ineffective sources of information. Good websites give visitors a reason to come back again while poorly designed websites give the visitors a nightmare and a reason not to come again. 

We will be observing three websites after which we will make our judgment using the parameters below:

How the website loads
It is common to hear the saying; ‘first impressions last’. This is true as concerns Firstly, the name is not related to what you expect to get at the end of your search. Furthermore, after initiating a search, the websitetakes like forever to load. You can actually take your tea as you wait for the website to load. The SEO effects are very effective; the website ranks number one on the first page of Google search (Benedict, 1996, 477).

The graphics of the website
The web designer for this site used white text on a black background. This design is not appropriate for the eyes. It causes the eyes to strain more than necessary.

The links
The links are not Brocken. On clicking on the textual or image links, I was taken to relevant pages. This means that the links are working as they should.

The quality of the reference
The information on this website is both helpful and elaborate. This is a website that I can recommend to any business owner (Bitler et al, 2000, p 21).

How the website loads
The site is superb in terms of loading. The designer must have ensured that the HTML code was not overloaded. However, I find fault with the fact that the once you key in the name of the website, this is the result you get: instead of

The graphics of the website
I don’t like the formatting of some of the text. Just as in the first case, the designer has used white text in a black background. This really strains the eyes.

The links
The links are perfect. The links take you to a valid destination. However, the website is not impressive to the eye. I could not ascertain the objective of the website in the first 30 seconds (Whitney, 2002, p 45).  

The quality of the reference
A can give the website a 3/10 in terms of the quality of the reference.

How the website loads
According to my scorecard, I gave the website a 10/10 in terms of loading. It is very fast. Additionally, just as in the first two cases, the website ranked number one on the results of the Google search.

The graphics of the website
I like the way the designer proportionately designed the website to fit on any browser. However, I believe the common mistake of using white text on a black background is a common mistake that also appears in this website.

The links
The links are working as they should. They really help in getting the specific information on entrepreneurship that one may want to access. All that you have to do is click on a particular link and you will get the required information.

The quality of the reference
This website is amazing. It is the kind of website I would wish to recommend to any owner of a business who wishes to get information as well as advice on various business matters.

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Research Paper on Forests

Research Paper on Forests

Forest Service 2012 Planning Rule
The 2012 rule which was set to control the environmental factors were subject to the NEPA review that had been set in 2012. It considered the rules of NEPA and the human activities which affect the environmental conditions. In view of the set environmental regulations, the 2012 rule was set (74 FR 67062). This took about four years to publish the rule from the 2008 rule. There has been an in-depth review of the rule since 1976 Congress amendments of the RPA.

Through the Forest Service notices of intent, environmental impact statement was prepared for to cater for the new planning rule. The review was done on the new planning. This mandated the Department to republish the 2000 rule. The review mandates NEPA to compel federal agencies consider the effects and the potential environmental changes before doing any plans for the agency.

The impacts on the environment affect the life of human beings, and thus before taking any major actions in development, the environment ought to be considered. The actions may include issuance of permits to federal bodies, or making decisions that have impacts on the federal lands.


The review that was done also requires that if the federal body oversees the possibility of significant impacts on the environment, then the agency ought to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), which details every aspect of effects to the environment. The EIS was done, and the conclusion was environmental protection of The Forest conservation rule is also captured in the review that controls use of land by federal agencies. The review was an appropriate move by NEPA to control environmental factors that contribute to pollution. In this case, they are protecting the forests and land that may be destroyed by activities undertaken by the federal agencies.

Limiting the overuse of public land and natural forests protects the environment people who live in areas that are operated by federal agencies.

How the new Forest Service 2012 Planning Rule Differs from the previously planning rules
The planning rule in the 1982 rule focused on procedures that were in line with writing of plans. The plans were to mitigate the negative environmental effects. The protective actions undertaken in the 1982 rule focused majorly on land management (74 FR 67062). The 2012 rule focuses on different issues. The 2012 rule leads to planning process, which leads to proper contribution towards ecological, economic and social stability. The 1982 rule did not major in providing sustainability, but the 2012 rule aims at protecting of resources and maintenance of the proper distribution of goods and The 2012 Planning Rule differs from the other previous planning rules in aspects considered at the moment. The 2012 rule encompasses an extra content concerning the regulations that control forests and land conservation. The procedural posture for example, in the 2012 rule is against the defendant officials in the system and also against the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). This consideration is not included in the previous planning rules. The agricultural body, USDA had admitted that the 2005 rule it had represented had gone through a paradigm shift. The bodies, USDA, in the 2012 are thus required to consider interested parties in making comments about the situations.

The 2012 rule takes into consideration facts that have been laid the US regulation concerning forests. The rule takes into account US Forest Service lands that have been relinquished for clear cutting purposes. The land under a National Forest service in Texas is cleared for purposes not indicated. This is seen as destruction to the environment and forests. Therefore, the rule indicates this issue as key to environmental destruction, and thus the need to control the actions. The rule takes into account the injunctions that are made by other bodies in response to concerns about the environment. However, there are measures to protect the environment.

The rule also outlines the plaintiffs needed to identify the concerned final agency actions. These ought to show consummation of the agency’s legal procedures and the decision-making processes involved. It should not only focus on the demands to get a general judicial review process. The rule thus concerns detailed issues in the forest.

Interaction of the rule with Land & Resource Management Plans mandated by NFMA
NFMA has regulations and mandates that ought to be adhered to concerning the Land & Resource Management Plans. These concern use of land and the conservation of the national forests for environmental conservation procedures. The rule is in line with conserving the environment through observation of law and adherence to models put in place to conserve forests and national lands. The law takes into account the Federal Land issues and Resource Management Act procedures that are upheld by NFMA. The references of the rule are done on the basis of stipulated rules and regulations laid down in NFMA. Therefore, the rule borrows much from the set environmental concerns in NFMA. There are specific area concerns and proposals in the rule which derive their basis from the NFMA federal agency land use regulations.

The rule bases on the United States Forest Service Land and Resource
Management Plan that is laid down to protect the natural reserves. In the arguments to justify the National Forest moves and decisions towards land and forest use, there is no controversy observed which justiciable. This indicates that the rule is in line with the arguments presented in the NFMA regulations about land use and forests. The NEMA Plan is said to conform to the statutory and the regulatory, land use requirements by the federal agencies. The plan is in line with conservation of forest plan and the environment, which is in line with the 2012 rule that protects the natural resources.

Challenges that I expect the new rule to face
Loggers will have to challenge the rule due to the nature of the set regulations. The Plan is executed by legal bodies that have set logging goals. This has to happen with the consideration of prevailing conditions, and thus loggers are not at will to do business freely. The rule mandates selection of areas that are suited for timber production and thus any logging activity has to be under control.

Furthermore, there is the proposition of probable methods used in timber harvesting, which are safe to the forests and environment. Most of the loggers do not apply appropriate methods of logging because it is expensive. This reduces their profits. However, others have argued that the rule favors logging and clear-cutting activities. They will thus challenge the rule on the ground that it is infringing their rights to do business competitively.

Hunters who depend on the forests as a livelihood will face challenges. This is because the bodies involved with protection of forests are pressing on the adherence to the law. The rule also prohibits activities in the forests unless one is authorized to do any activity in the forests. Hunting endangers the natural environmental balance which is not acceptable according to the 2012 rule. This sets in a challenge for those who hunt in the natural forests to make a living.
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Essay on Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre is the classic novel written by Charlotte Bronte and is considered to be the most popular novel in Great Britain. The novel was published in 1847 and was praised by the general publish and famous critics at once. The book is about an orphan girl whose parents died. The writer describes the fate of the girl with the strong independent character, her childhood, adultness and problems she faces trying to find her place in life. The narration is held from the first person, what makes the impression that it is an autobiographical novel written by the real woman Jane Eyre. Charlotte Bronte touches upon very important problems in her novel. First of all there is the problem of search for family and home.


Evidently, everybody wants to live in peace in a friendly loving atmosphere and Jane Eyre being an orphan tries to find a family which will not neglect and abuse her and she would work there eagerly for food. Then, there is the problem of social classes, when higher rich classes neglect the lower once and treat people like servants. The next problem is religion. The book reflects the atmosphere of Christianity and especially the negative side of the hypocritical Christians. Today it is easy to detect the problem of gender relations in the book and find there the notes of feminism. Jane Eyre being a strong willful woman fascinates women all over the world and is often recognized like the symbol of feminist woman of the XIXth century. Furthermore, there are problems of love, friendship and morality. All in all, the novel is a great achievement of the English and the world literature and is known everywhere.

Jane Eyre is one of the most favorite and tear-jerking novels for women, so it is learnt in every high school, college and university at literature classes. In order to write a good essay one should read the novel carefully to understand the plot, find the problems presented there and analyze the characters of the book and their role in the novel. A successful essay is supposed not to just present the plot, but themes, problems and stylistic devices of the novel. One should dwell on the structure, problems and composition of the novel than on the events presented there.

Writing an essay on a novel is a difficult job, because one should gather his thoughts and write about a great number of important moments essential for the successful analysis of a book. A free example essay on Jane Eyre feminist will show you the way a good paper can be organized. Due to a good free sample essay on Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte in the Internet one will be able to complete an original well-composed and formatted paper easily and impress the teacher.
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Lens Development Essay

Foer’s article brings out the aspect of a known phenomena to explain the cultural ideologies of the people. He used soccer which is a sport that many people identify with and focusing on the behaviours and emotions associated with it, he tries to unravel globalization. This is a good comparison because sports have got much to do with globalization because it brings people together. He uses his own real experiences to relay the information well.
Foer claims that there is great disparity in the American youth who play soccer and  the rest of the world. He further claims that, soccer is played by the working class in most countries (Foer, 14). He further states that in America, it is the middle class and the lower class who plays the game. It is evident that soccer is a threat to America’s culture as there exists a large difference between the parts that engage in the sport and those that haven’t ( Foer 16). The enlightened who have embraced soccer have been a good target of ridicule because they are viewed as having discarded the traditions (16)  He further notes that there is constant abusing and jeering of opponents who sometimes don’t have an idea of the game. Soccer has played a greater role in fostering cultural wars. Foer’s claim  further shows that the population of the Americans who engage in soccer do not support local sports.
Foer claims that soccer is a major driver of cultural wars helps in understanding the difficulty in embracing change as established in Jacobs essay. Introduction of a new concept or idea can result in unforeseen consequences that is a threat to traditional heritage and peaceful coexistence of people. Jacob’s article focuses on the obstacles facing the introduction of English in Shanghai. This introduction was in aid of foreigners and tourists. This advent has brought with it incompetence in translations of the words, the most common are the road signs.
Jacobs pinpoints a comment by one author who claims that if all the signs were translated, then the chuckles on the street would be eradicated as well as a “window into the Chinese mind” (Jacobs, 10). From Foer’s claims, it is clearly indicated the new invention creates some ridicule, which could sprout into enmity if not looked into. It is also noted that there is cultural wash-down by embracing English,  which with the insight of Foer’s claim result into hostility between those who have embraced it and those who haven’t.
Foer’s essay incorporates personal experiences that help explain clearly the concept, which is not the case for Jacob’s article. Jacob illustrates opinions and thoughts of other people and does not relay his personal opinion on the subject. Foer’s is more concerned and sympathetic with the situation because the consequences of soccer fanatics have caused more harm than good for the nation. Jacob’s is a non partisan and illustrates the various reactions and feelings of  Shanghai residents on the introduction of English. Jacob pinpoints that English translations do not portray its intended meaning causing  conflicts in interpretation (Jacob, 1). Foer gives more insight into the matter at hand with examples while Jacob gives people’s expression of the subject.
From the two articles, one can ascertain that new ideas and inventions have both negative and positive implications. From Jacob’s article, it is clear that the use of English is more convenient for tourists thus encouraging more of them, who bring in revenue for the country.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Māori Education Essay

However, the accuracy of the statistical data presented by Education Review Office is arguable because the commission recognizes the impossibility of the sufficient data collection in relation to the student achievements of Māori. The reason for that is the lack of separation between the records of Māori and non-Māori students. Finally, ERO agrees that there are “not enough schools where Māori student achievement is comparable to that of non-Māori, or where schools can demonstrate that they are making a difference for these students.”
Besides, the report of ERO creates confusion by opposing own words: at first, an analysis provides a report with less than average improvements (32 and 45 percent in primary and secondary schools accordingly), and then it is pointed out that only 10 percent of all educational institutions showed no improvement. Out of this difference, there are only 20 percent of all schools that are not able to present any data. I suppose the reason for that is quite obvious: those schools which actively participate in the program would tend to record each achievement while those not much interested in the improvements would not keep track of the changes, at least because these changes could never take place within the school. Therefore, my suggestion is that the data presented by ERO so far are insufficient and yet non-demonstrable.
One should also point out that the strategy plan designed by ERO does not have any specific diversification or focus even though it is said to have. For a school, it is still a voluntary decision either to introduce changes in the educational process or not. The schools do not appear to be thoroughly classified, and this can be the case of the strategy fragmentation.
Taking into consideration the adjacent processes in the society, it is worth mentioning that from the Māori perspective, not only the system of education can be improved. According to Te Ahukaramū Charles Royal (2009), education is not the only challenge of Māori in New Zealand. Their cultural identity and place in the society are still the debating issues. The Māori leave the country for Australia because of either economic benefits and opportunities or negative experience in New Zealand (“Maori Party”, 2007). With the integration into the modern community, the Māori population continues experiencing difficulties with employment, dwelling, and overall level of life (Te Ahukaramū Charles Royal, 2009). This proves that without the full recognition and integration of the Māori nation, it would be hard to improve a single sphere of social life like education, for instance. Another suggestion here is that the efforts spent on restructuring the education in the country can just be vain – the educated Māori seeing no real perspectives in New Zealand would continue migrating to other countries, so the country would lose talented and skillful population which was brought up in its environment and society. This can lead to the excessive expenditures on education and social programs along with the process of population aging, which becomes a real demographic disaster for many developing countries.
A part of the Māori population also faces a language barrier in the school along with the cultural one. Let us now take a look at a similar case and observe what effective local solutions can be applied in achieving strong and purposeful performance.
Within the development of Māori modern social life in New Zealand, the efforts in improving the education for this minority group have also followed. For the last decade, beginning with the year 2000, many attempts were taken to ensure the introduction of Te Reo Māori, the language spoken by around 160,000 inhabitants of New Zealand (Statistics New Zealand, 2006), to the educational programs of English-medium schools, Ngā Haeata Mātauranga (2008) informs. According to the given source, the reason for that is to make the education for the native population more affordable. In the Annual Report on Māori Education (2008), one may find a description of action plan designed by Te Kopuru School in Northland. The principal of the school Lee Anderson expressed his vision for the three Māori principles standing for the righteous things (tika), truth (pono), and open loving relationships (aroha). Now the school encourages its students to learn in Te Reo Māori and suggests that “the changes at Te Kopuru School reflect the wants of her community” (Ngā Haeata Mātaurang, 2008).
The overall statistics shows that in the region where the school is situated, three fourth of the students (77%) can spell and read the Māori language, two thirds (61%) of them can write, and one fourth of these students possess the necessary or more advanced skills in some language disciplines. This was not possible a decade ago when the new principles were just being introduced.
Considering such progress, most of the community groups agree that positive results in integration and education are achieved, no negative impact on the non-Māori society members is detected, and, finally, the teaching practice significantly improved (Ngā Haeata Mātaurang, 2008).
In the article by Ngā Haeata Mātaurang (2008), one educational institution, Te Kopuru School, embodies the whole educational community and appears to be a vivid example of how one of the processes of integration for the national minorities is designed in the country. The school’s action plan shapes the optimistic prospect for the development of learning facilities for Māori making them better involved in the social life of the country and emphasizing on recognition of their cultural identity. I suppose that such changes in educational process witness about the community interest in allotting more freedom of choice and democratic consciousness to the Māori. Education has always been a concern for the long run and future perspectives, that’s why the country is about to experience significant social changes within a couple of decades for that the community will already feel the fruits of restructuring.  
If to take a quick look in the past, one would notice that the commission responsible for the supervision of education process in the country, Education Review Office, was not able to clearly define the education principles in the 1990s. At that time, they had no evaluations and researches done, no special integration for public schools achieved, and no satisfaction from Māori in terms of education obtained. Here is where all sources refer to the single course of events: the concern of Māori as to the treatment of their language and culture was not much discussed. So far, no special forecasts for the restructuring of private schools within the public education sector were made (Boston, Dalziel, and St John, 1999). Supposedly, this was the primary push towards the introduction of all these changes in the next decade when Te Kopuru School acted as an active supporter of the Māori rights and social freedoms. The new integration model of tutoring was enough progressive in those days but was not precisely evaluated by the government (Boston, Dalziel, and St John, 1999).
Therefore, I suggest that Education Review Office could be then just observed as an independent institution that mostly monitored the achievement in the given field but was not very effective in designing the solutions and programs of development, at least back in the 90s. Besides, within the issue of national identity, culture and language of the Māori population, it is not reasonable to refer to the aforementioned institution as to the one responsible for the overall progress in the popularization of Māori way of life and its integration in the regular society of New Zealand. As mentioned at the beginning, the whole social program that incorporates the efforts in making the Māori community sustainable and equal in rights could be a suitable solution.
Ministry of Education (2011) identifies the conditions and requirements for the children to be enrolled in the education process and adds that “depending on where you live and your circumstances, your child may attend another type of school such as a state integrated or independent school”. This creates a certain background for the justification of Te Kopuru School’s activities and achievements. The school has diversified its vision of the educational process pursuing the establishment of strong teaching practices and emphasizing on several disciplines for the five-year-old newcomers. According to the words of the school administration (Ngā Haeata Mātaurang, 2008), the system proves its effectiveness by attracting and sustaining both Māori and non- Māori students. As a result, the school gets promoted by the word of mouth established by the parents whose children study at Te Kopuru.
Here it is important to mention that the government guarantees funding for the schools based on their needs (Ministry of Education, 2011). There should be an existing reason proving that the projects are worth investing. By saying that “Te Kopuru School reflects [...] the education sector’s growing understanding” (Ngā Haeata Mātaurang, 2008), the author might probably mean that many educational institutions, state and private, got supported by the government in different ways. This surely recognizes that the government acknowledges the development of educational means for all children in the country. As a result, Te Kopuru and many other schools specialized in tutoring in the Māori language appear to be in demand nowadays.       
In order to conclude the two research cases, I would identify their relatedness to each other as well as to the realities of modern society in New Zealand. Along with the other references, they make up a clear understanding of the actual social problems and tendencies, which have already been taking place for decades.
From the one side, it is somewhat complicated to comment whether the improvement of the educational system is a project for the long run but, taking into consideration the last report of Education Review Office (Education Review Office, 2010), no substantial changes in the maintenance of educational benefits for the Māori community were noticed. Nevertheless, Māori now have more possibilities to socialize but, at the same time, there is an emphasis on their distinction from the other population and the intention to create more specialized schools namely for Māori students. The schools of mixed type are certainly the solution because private and specialized educational establishments are not always affordable to the common population and do not stimulate interaction between people.
From the other side, the recent state of education in the country shows the weakness of the government system in managing human and other resources. Being an official language (Statistics New Zealand, 2006), Māori is not so widespread even in schools, which doubts its true status. Therefore, the first thing to be done is to assure the relevance and the necessity of the Māori cultural impact in the system of education and legally introduce the nationwide or region-specific changes on the basis of the social feedback and statistical research.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Relief and Joy Essay

I was about 40 weeks pregnant and had decided to go to the hospital because I thought I was in labor. 

The nurse was just about to send us home because she thought it was a false alarm. “It is a single test that we are awaiting, and I am pretty sure you are going home tonight”, she said. It was so hard to hold the tears back, because I longed to hold my baby boy and I was so uncomfortable and was uncertain of how much longer I wished to remain pregnant. She comes back into the treatment chamber and says, “You are in labor and we will be admitting you”. I was excited, happy, relieved, but also scared because I was unsure what to expect.
I stayed at the hospital, in labor with my first son for nearly twelve hours. I was exhausted, and in the most excruciating pain, I have ever felt. I was so tired from hours of pushing and wanted to give up. 

Finally, my doctor told me that he was going to let me push a couple more times before he would have to give me an emergency C-section. The baby was under stress and needed to come out. With my mom and husband by my side, I pushed three more times and finally, he was born.
We named him Charlie. He looked exactly like my husband except, he had my eyes. I did not want to put him down. I starred, talked, and sang to him for hours. My first child, he was perfect in every way. I was so happy and relieved to have managed to deliver Charlie successfully.