Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Free Accounting Essay Example

The classification of costs in CTC’s income statement is on the basis of the business’ operations. This means that the listing of expenditures covers aspects that affect its productivity. The expenses of the firm are on the basis of employees’ wages, costs of production, logistical costs and utility expenses. This classification is internal because it focuses on the company alone. However, there is the need to include other crucial expenditures such as interest expenses and taxes in order to get comprehensive information on the scope of the business.

The calculation of the estimated cost of goods manufactured considers the production expenses. In other words, there will be the factoring in of the wages, cost of purchases and utility costs of production. From the expenditure list, there will be the exception of the expenses that do not directly affect the production of finished goods. This total expense is $677,000 while the estimated cost of goods sold tops up the remaining amount in expenditures. Therefore, from a total expense outlay of $925,000, $248,000 is the Company’s total cost of sales.

                                  Revised Income Statement ($)

Sales                                                   980,000

        Factory wages                             365,000
        Utilities                                        102,000
        Council Rates                                  5,000
        Sales staff                                    110,000
        Advertising                                    18,000
                  Total Expenses                                                600,000
                  Net profit                                                        380,000

There are some changes between the above income statement and the original one. The first change involves a matter of bookkeeping because the cost of goods sold and the depreciation cost are not in the income statement. The cost of goods sold goes into the trading, profit and loss account and is in under the sales bracket. The inclusion of the cost of depreciation is on the balance sheet, where it reduces the value of the assets.

The balanced scorecard approach is an excellent recommendation for making a format that will analyze the company’s costs. It incorporates a variety of metrics that affect the overall progress of the business. These metrics, in turn, influence the business’ operations and have an effect on revenue. Therefore, using this approach to manage costs will split the operations of the organization into consumer metrics, financial metrics, employee evaluation and business performance measures. This precise approach to analyzing the costs within the operations of the organization will allow the business owner to account for cash flow.

There are several factors that influence the cost of a product and position it will take in the market. Thus, basing the costs of the organization’s products on the cost of direct materials and labor is risky. This is because there are other crucial market conditions that can easily cause the sales of the business to decline. Although the direct initial costs need factoring in into the financial future of the organization, an analysis of the progress of the competitors is crucial. It is also imperative to keep in mind that the prevalent market demand should be the additional bases for determining the prices of products.

The company should stop using incomplete records to put down its financial information. Incomplete records are a slow method of recording information and often leave room for errors. In addition, it would be beneficial for the company to adopt the International Accounting Standards to report each financial activity. These recommendations will increase the ability of the business to thrive in the current market conditions.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Essay on Economic Justice

Justice is, in the first place, a basic concept of socio-political, moral and legal issues. As such, it is the concept of due parity. In general terms, it is the parity between the real value of different individuals (social groups) and their social position. In more concrete terms, the parity between their rights and obligations, crime and punishment, between the act and the reward, and remuneration, etc. The discrepancy in these relations is estimated as injustice.

Justice is also a basic concept of the economy. As an economic concept, justice refers to that section of the economy as welfare economics. Here it is understood as a lack of interest or impartiality (fairness). This understanding of justice was named after its author - justice by Rawls. In his book "A Theory of Justice," he argues that justice is a sign of the society, which individuals would choose if they were not influenced by purely personal interests. In this state they are disinterested as if to conclude an agreement on the nature of society and its economic system. "Ignorance" of their interests do not allow them to know the position (determined by ability, gender, race), which they will take in this society. In this case, the company will be chosen from four properties and these properties can be regarded as the property of justice.

The properties of justice as an economic concepts. The first is the equality of rights for the maximum liberty compatible with the freedom of other individuals. The second is inability to ensure economic equality through the first property. Third is the competitive nature of inequality, it may be the result of free competition. The fourth property is a utilitarian justification of inequality, i.e., it can be justified only insofar as it benefits all members of society. The last two properties are focused in a constitutive principle of justice.

Constitutive principle of the modern understanding of justice as an economic concept is "a differential principle." It requires that the inequality guaranteed the greatest possible welfare to the poorest members of society.

The etymology of English words equity and fairness are very “economical." Fairness of Fair means market; Fair exhibition. But the term “equity” has most wide range of economic meanings. Already on the surface analysis, we see that along with the word justice, it means at least five basic financial concepts associated with the share. Among them are the ordinary shares, the share capital of the shareholder in the company, equity, capital, margin (the difference between the market value of the shares and the state of the client's margin account with a broker, i.e., the size of the loan obtained under them). This range of the equity meanings can be explained by the fact that the share is the greatest "democratizer," i.e., an equalizer of the bursts of economic life, for the rights that it presents do not depend on the status of their holder.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sociological Essay Example

This paper talks about a class - socioeconomical status on an advertisement about a perfume called channel No 5. The rhetorical appeal works on different socioeconomic levels, according to this advertisement. The advert is appealing, and its main goal is to encourage women spend money so as to obtain the perfume. The music tone in this ad is slow and romantic, and the movement is classy, this shows that it belongs to a socioeconomic class of middle level.

The advert represents a working or lower-middle class to show upward mobility symbol. The perfume is relatively expensive. According dialogue in the advert, it shows that when a person uses the perfume he will likely attract people of the opposite sex. Also, a person is likely to obtain elite status if the buy and use the perfume. The use of logical fallacies connected with middle level class may be shown in channel No 5 perfume advert. The ad uses figurative language that shows the working and middle class people may be represented. 

People from an upper and working/ middle class are the one who are using the perfume.  Many celebrities have used the perfume, among them being Marilyn Monroe who once said that he uses the perfume in her bed. The statement by Marilyn Monroe, it encouraged many women from both high and middle class to look for perfume. The advert is appeals a stereotype which is gender based; this is because it may be addressed to women. The advert seems to reinforce the status quo of the world since it liked and impressed by millions of women worldwide. The channel no 5 has set values associated with it as it clears bad odor and bring the house with fresh frost air.

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Essay on Ecosystem

In ecology, an ecosystem, is the set formed by a partnership or community of living beings (or biota) and its biological, geological, edaphic, hydrological, climatic, etc. (biotope). The elements constituting an ecosystem develop a network of energy and matter exchange for the maintenance and development of life. The term was coined by Arthur George Tansley in 1935, to describe the basic unit of nature. A unit in which plants, animals, and habitat interact in the biotope. In the ecosystem, the role of soil is to provide a diversity of habitats, act as storage, processor and transfer medium for water and other products.

In 2004, the authors of the report commissioned by the UN and called the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment have explicitly included the necromass defining an ecosystem as "a dynamic complex of plants, animals, micro-organisms, and the nonliving environment acting interaction as a functional unit."

We can speak of natural ecosystem, naturally balanced: at each level, the biomass is stabilized through interactions with other levels.

In 2012, The IUCN has announced plans to create (before 2025) a "Red List" of vulnerable ecosystems, endangered or critically endangered in the world. This initiative is a tested and supported by a Venezuelan biologist Jon Paul Rodriguez who worked on the importance of local data and regional red lists criteria (2001) then made such a classification for terrestrial ecosystems of Venezuela published in 2011 and in 2011 a reasoned list of criteria of environmental assessment of the health of ecosystems and prioritized threats to ecosystems.

An ecosystem is all the fauna and flora together in a natural area. It is composed of producers (plants), consumers (animals) and bioreductive agents (micro-organisms), which are supported by emitting energy from the sun.

The ecosystem is a natural system that tends to evolve towards a stable theoretically stable state called climatic climax while being capable of evolution and adaptation to abiotic and ecological context. We talk about ecological regression when the system evolves from one state to a less stable state. Ecosystems, such as the biosphere are still in a state out of equilibrium, constantly drawn to a climax by complex feedback loops.

A living ecosystem is healthy when all agencies and inert environments that form it are in equilibrium.

Diseases are developers and pathogens (bacteria, virus, fungi, pests, etc.) that merely regulate an imbalance but are by no means the cause. Their presence is, instead, a manifestation of the ecosystem need to find a balance and ensure its sustainability.

Eradicate the limit, even by biological control is postpone the problem, often prevent the self-regulation of dysfunction. Good basic knowledge in botany, entomology, plant pathology, agronomy, soil science, embryology, genetics, etc. allow another reading of what the disease process is.This is an approach similar to the Ecopathology.

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Capital One 360 Savings Account Essay

This study aims at determining the fees and interest rates of my Capital One Savings Account.

The minimum balance amount is $0, meaning there are no consequences if balance falls below that amount. Capital One 360 allows a limit of 6 withdrawals for each calendar month. The consequences of exceeding the withdrawal limit several times can lead to closure of the account. Deposits have no restrictions, as an individual is required to collect a Certificate of Deposit declaring their deposit amount and specified timelines. The length of time given before an account is declared dormant is one year. If the account holder does not log in or call the company while there are no withdrawals or deposits, it is then declared dormant. There is no fee applied in this event.

There are no checking fees or monthly fees. It also comes with no minimum balance. This means there are no insufficient funds fees. Transfer from savings fee is at $25. The account earns interest at 0.20% P.A for a balance of $49,999.99 or less, 0.80% P.A for a balance between $50,000-$99,999.99, and 0.85% P.A for a balance of $100,000 or more. There are no restrictions on the account interest. However, the rate may alter if the balance reduces or increases.

There is no insufficient funds fee or use fee for the Capital One 360 debit card. Transfer from savings fee is $25.

Maximizing Returns
The APY for a Capital One 360 traditional savings account is 0.75%. The APY for a Capital One 360 money market account is 0.84%. The FV of $2,000 if held for 5 years in the traditional savings account is $75 while for the money market is $84. Therefore, my money works hardest for me while in the money market account.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Quentin Tarantino Essay

Essay on Quentin Tarantino

Killing is easy, tells us Quentin Tarantino. Even if your opponent will fight using teeth and nails and cause you pain. "Revenge is a cold dish, but seasoned with hot pepper - coveted delicacy for "foodies."

In early 1992, no one has ever heard of Tarantino. By the end of the year, he was greeted as a messiah of the new-fashioned cinema. With the advent of "Pulp Fiction," media and the film industry itself underwent a powerful shock. Apocryphal story, of course, is that between the time, when Tarantino was plowing behind the counter of the store videotapes, and that when he made ​​his first film "Reservoir Dogs," was less than a minute. There are many versions of his difficult childhood: his mother, a teenager from a remote village, half Cherokee, who grew up in the American south and brought up his ragamuffin son in the Appalachians, illuminated by moonlight. In search of work, she moved to Los Angeles, and the small Quentin dropped out of school, and started to make his way through life reveling in debauchery on the streets. Such stories are rarely true. Quentin Tarantino is not the star of the working class.


The main topics for reflection, insistently offered by Tarantino in his movies to the audience in his movies are an excess of violence in this world, the violence perpetrated by women, violence against women, and murders taking place in the eyes of a child.

Throughout his pictures, the feeling haunts us that we are witnessing the farce: this world is full of sick people, including the director of the movie, who obviously is seriously ill. But in fact it turns out to be yet another gimmick.

For example, could an one-eyed killer accompanying theatrics its preparation for the next vile murder be completely mentally adequate? Artfully created atmosphere of the movie suggests that the murder is a nice, little tickling the nerves work, and life is nothing.

This position of the depreciation and non-attachment to life is the ideology of Japanese ninja and samurai (and a component of Buddhism). And Bill - behind the scenes - is trying to convey this stance in life - together with the creator of the movie, which, I think, is also no stranger to these philosophical views.

The deliberate exaggeration, exaggerated imagination, reflected in the form of our perception of shocking images of violence - these are the qualities of character that are hidden from mere observer, but requiring development.

As the very extravagant to the extreme creativity - just a screen for the secret motive of the case, not the result of promiscuity, and karmic necessity - for the most secure and harmonious development of Tarantino’s personality.

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Essay on Marketing Research

Marketing research is very important tool which an organization can expand and grow its businesses. In order to understand how marketing research is done, I would make reference to one of the marketing survey in which I participated as a member of a focused group. Indeed, Cypricot Inc. the company that organized for the survey was in to find out the probable reasons as to why consumers prefer the services of its rival company over its own company. It is on this basis that focus groups were formed with questions on the telephony industry with reference to Cypricot and its competitors.

My experience during the focus group discussion was very good. Indeed, we had a host of questions to discuss with regard to products offered by the telephony companies and hoe they differed with those offered by Cypricot. On this basis, we were able to identify factors that favored the design of the products and services offered by Cypriot’s competitors and how Cypricot could turn its opportunities into expansion strategies. During the interaction, I appreciated that focus group is a very important tool of research as a variety of response and information could be obtained from each member on the market and the strategic moves the company ought to take so as to gain a competitive advantaged.