Sunday, January 10, 2016

Essay on Personal Strengths and Weaknesses

Everyone is a unique personality who has her definite interests and traits of character. Moreover, everyone has his own strengths and weaknesses. Some people are good at sports. Other people are good at manual work. On the other hand, one can be good at intellectual activity but weak in physical exercises. Have you ever thought about your personal strengths and weaknesses? I suppose it is very important to know such serious matters about you. When you can evaluate your strong and weak sides, you can find the right occupation and develop your own personality. When you know that you are good at drawing, you can become a professional in this field if you develop this skill intensively. 

In my opinion, the understanding of personal strengths and weaknesses is the most important point of human life. Her fate depends on this knowledge and objective understanding of her potential.

Naturally, every human being is good at something. Unfortunately, very few people discover and develop their hidden potential. Of course, it depends on parents and their attitude towards their child. 

They should be very attentive if they want to notice their child’s strengths. It is possible to notice them when you spend much time with the child and observe his behavior and the style of his playing.