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Essay on Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre is the classic novel written by Charlotte Bronte and is considered to be the most popular novel in Great Britain. The novel was published in 1847 and was praised by the general publish and famous critics at once. The book is about an orphan girl whose parents died. The writer describes the fate of the girl with the strong independent character, her childhood, adultness and problems she faces trying to find her place in life. The narration is held from the first person, what makes the impression that it is an autobiographical novel written by the real woman Jane Eyre. Charlotte Bronte touches upon very important problems in her novel. First of all there is the problem of search for family and home.


Evidently, everybody wants to live in peace in a friendly loving atmosphere and Jane Eyre being an orphan tries to find a family which will not neglect and abuse her and she would work there eagerly for food. Then, there is the problem of social classes, when higher rich classes neglect the lower once and treat people like servants. The next problem is religion. The book reflects the atmosphere of Christianity and especially the negative side of the hypocritical Christians. Today it is easy to detect the problem of gender relations in the book and find there the notes of feminism. Jane Eyre being a strong willful woman fascinates women all over the world and is often recognized like the symbol of feminist woman of the XIXth century. Furthermore, there are problems of love, friendship and morality. All in all, the novel is a great achievement of the English and the world literature and is known everywhere.

Jane Eyre is one of the most favorite and tear-jerking novels for women, so it is learnt in every high school, college and university at literature classes. In order to write a good essay one should read the novel carefully to understand the plot, find the problems presented there and analyze the characters of the book and their role in the novel. A successful essay is supposed not to just present the plot, but themes, problems and stylistic devices of the novel. One should dwell on the structure, problems and composition of the novel than on the events presented there.

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