Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How to Write an Essay Effectively

How to Write an Essay Effectively

Naturally, essay writing is supposed to be the basic assignment at every high school, college and university, because it develops student’s writing skills and critical thinking abilities. Essay writing requires knowledge on the topic, awareness about the structure of the paper and the logical order of the presentation of data. 

Moreover, it is impossible to complete a successful essay if one does not possess rich imagination and can not operate facts professionally. The process of essay writing is supposed to be an easy one, but many students, especially inexperienced ones face numerous problems which prevent them from writing a good paper.

Collect the Necessary Facts First
Before writing an essay one should focus his attention on the data which can be helpful for the analysis of the topic under research. It is possible to find books and articles in periodicals and in the Internet in order to find reliable facts which can explain the topic well and improve your knowledge on the problem. It is important to find up-to-date information in order to complete a high-quality essay.

Arrange a Correct Structure
Every experienced writer knows that there are dozens types of essays which require different manner of writing but the structure of an essay is single. As a rule, an essay consists of three parts: exposition, the main body and denouement. A successful exposition introduces the topic to the reader and explains the problem which will be analyzed in the main part. A student should start writing thought-provoking and interesting things at the very beginning in order to attract the reader’s attention and catch him till the end of the essay. 

The main body describes the problem, analyzes and criticizes it and a denouement summarizes the whole content of the essay and presents wise ideas which can be called a conclusion of the whole discussion of the problem in the essay.

Keep to the Appropriate Manner of Writing
An essay is a literary genre of writing and it is impossible to compose a good text without numerous stylistic devices which can make the essay sound nice. One should remember that a successful essay should not be a complete narration, but possess some emotional side, which can make the text look colourful. Then, when one is asked to compare a few sides of the problem, he should organize the text professionally and present the positive and negative sides of the problem making the essay logical and interesting. Every essay should be persuasive, because the writer presents his own point of view and he should prove that his thoughts are right. The text should sound in such a way to convince the reader in the validity of the written data.

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