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Gun Control Term Paper

Gun Control Research Paper

When the Harris Poll asked an opened question, only one percent thought gun control was important, although that one percent is the two most important issues for the government to address since guns are associated with crime/violence.

How many people die from firearms, and what are the age ranges?
In 1994, among children ages 1-4 years, homicide was the fourth leading cause of death, among children ages 5-14 years of age; homicide was the third leading cause of death. Of all firearm related deaths, 55 percent were reported as homicides; 20 percent were reported as suicides; 22 percent, as unintentional; and 3 percent, as intention undetermined. Rates for the U.S. were compared with rates based on twenty-five other countries were, 57 million for the U.S. (majority 15 and under) and 104 million for the other 25 countries.


What kind of firearms is causing the deaths or injuries?
Forty-eight percent of the deaths were from handguns; 22 percent were from shotguns; 17 percent were from refills; 16 percent could not be traced to a specific type of gun, and 1 percent was from an air rifle.

Guns in the home.
Investigators have also found that keeping a firearm in the home is associated with a risk of homicide. When Kellermann did a research on "gun control", with one of his comparison he compared how many people had dogs in their homes to how many people had guns in their home. The studies showed that out of three hundred-five matched pairs 94 people had dogs in their homes and 174 people had guns in their homes.(one hundred thirty-five handguns, fifty shotguns, forty-five rifles) One hundred-five of these people keep these fire arms unlocked and, ninety-three of these people kept their guns loaded. Kellermann and his colleagues found no protective benefit of gun ownership in the home.

If we know that keeping firearms around in the home is so dangerous, why do millions of people continue to do so?
The primary reason is for protection. Gun owners indicate that they believe guns protect them from intruders. We do not know exactly how many firearms protect people but we do know that when guns are readily available, children accidentally kill their siblings and friends, depressed people impulsively kill themselves, and teenagers settle minor arguments with guns rather than words or fists.

What they tried to do and what they have already done?
In 1994, Congress proposed the Brady bill, which mandates a five-day waiting period and background checks before a gun may be purchased. (I think they have already passed that bill dough that it will be very successful but, every little step counts.) In recent years police department across the country have led a campaign against possession of certain types of weapons and ammunition, and at least five states legislation have made laws that ban citizens to carry concealed weapons. Some states also have gun buy-back programs.

Should they ban handguns?
The Gallup Organization has found that Americans support stricter handgun laws, they stopped short of favoring an outright ban on private possession of handguns. Only 39 percent thought there should be a ban, and 60 percent thought there should not.

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