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NASA Research Paper

Research Paper on NASA

In summer of 2003, NASA will launch two Mars Exploration Rovers. They will lands on Mars (also know as the "Red Planet",) in January, 2004. NASA has created a contest for students to select the names of these Rovers. The qualifications are simple, you must be in grades Kindergarten through Twelfth. My teacher has asked my fellow classmates and I to participate in this contest. I have made research and I decided the names should be Lewis and Clark. The reason I chose these names is because the rovers and Lewis and Clark have plenty in common. They both worked together as a team, they suffered new conditions, and Lewis and Clark were successful on their journey so I believe that the inspiration would be great. Hopefully you will agree after you hear my thoughts.


My first reason is, Lewis and Clark worked together as a team. If the rovers are going to do well and success then they're going to have to work together. They can't do it without teamwork, they need the teamwork that Louis and Clark used on the trail. Working together is the key to success. I know that if a friend and I are trying to do something, we get frustrated, but when we really think about what we're doing, and use our skills combined, it always turns out. So if they work together they will succeed.

Second, Lewis and Clark suffered many new conditions. When they met new places, they didn't know what they'd see or what it'd be like there. They entered new worlds, not sure if they would make it. The rover's mission couldn't be described any better. They're entering a new planet that we don't really know about. They might not be built for the things they are going to interfere with, but we can all sure hope they are. We sure can hope they succeed too.

The last reason I think the rovers should be named this is the fact that Lewis and Clark had a successful journey with noteworthy accomplishments. They were first to describe in detail the many plant and animal species new to science. They provided a better understanding of the range, habits, and characteristics of many species. I think we all hope the rovers will do the same, except they'd make discoveries with unknown species. This mission is hoping to be successful and I believe that Lewis and Clark are great names they can take up on because they accomplished great things.

So, in conclusion, I strongly believe that the names chosen should be Lewis and Clark. One reason, because they worked together as a team. Two, because the rovers are going to be experiencing lots of things Lewis and Clark did, like new grounds and new conditions. And third, because Lewis and Clark were successful, meaning their names are two great names to use. I think that these are exquisite names and I will be happy if these were picked, and hopefully NASA will too.

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