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Renaissance in Europe Term Paper

Renaissance in Europe Research Paper

As civilizations began to blossom across the world the civilizations began to remove themselves from being referred to as others. They began to fade away from resembling other civilizations. Each one brought it's own unique form of great achievement to society. As we remember these societies today we most greatly remember the lasting impressions that their distinctive achievements in sculpture, architecture, and painting gave to the world.

As you look at China under the Song dynasty it is evident that painting was at it's highest excellence. The Song usually painted beautiful landscapes that could capture emotion and the very excellence of a mysterious tree. The Song really used light to show the reality that often lies hidden beyond a world of doubt. The Song dynasty often set the bar for artists to follow in the future. This helped even famous renaissance artists to excel at the job that they do best.


It is evident how the past greatly influenced the present in the form of the great Renaissance in Europe. With the help of past work and other great achievements in building design and structure work the greatest achievement of the Renaissance is it's grand work in the artistic field.

The most long-lived achievements of the Renaissance in Europe were made in the realm of art. Artists of this time period, before 1494, were very influential in the way that artists across the world think today about the structure of line and the grace that a natural painting can have.

During the 15th century painters like Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo experimented with this new artistic event called painting. "Da Vinci experimented with the laws of linear perspective, and variations of light and shade that were used to perfect his work," (video: 12/16). Also different approaches like studying anatomy and proportions of a human body, using oil, and overall making corrections on the canvas helped to improve the importance that painting eventually made throughout the world.

These men were great achievers during the Renaissance and later became known as two of the world's greatest artists who have ever lived.

A second great achievement of the Renaissance in Europe was the architecture used to construct many of the buildings that are still standing today. The roots of architecture are bound to the past. The architects used building plans from Romanesque churches to held conform the style of structure that they are trying to build. Overall the general ideal behind all of the architecture that was built during this time period was to emphasize harmony and a common social structure.

Lastly a third great achievement of the European Renaissance was sculpture. "Certainly the greatest sculptor of the Italian Renaissance indeed, probably the greatest sculptor of all time was Michelangelo." He was a inspired man willing to work hard to achieve great success. His sculptures could expressively show the beauty of the human body and elaborate on the stylistic manners of the human. He was such an achievement to the Renaissance because he set a standard to which all other sculptures to this day are compared.

It is evident that the before and around the 15th century many great achievements were made. With the help of great artists like Da Vinci and Michelangelo the lasting impressions that their work had put on the world will never be forgotten nor put to rest.

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