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The Sixth Sense Term Paper

The Sixth Sense Movie Essay

The movie "The Sixth Sense" tells a story of a very special child. Cole is a young boy who lives with his mother. At the beginning of the film it presents Coles unknown gift as a curse but there are a number of scenes that later convince you he has a special gift. Cole is not like the other kids in the playground. Cole has a fear, a fear that he wants to keep secret from everyone, even his mother. Not only does the movie have a twist but also has certain scenes that will keep u interested. This movie can be classified as horror and thriller. Thriller because it has a twist and horror because of the performance by Cole.

The movie isn't really focused on being a scary movie; it is trying more to be a very serious and dramatic film. In comparison to a scary movie like "The Ring" it is more about the story and the twists involved. But there were certain parts in the movie that were scary.


The characters in the movie all have their own way of contributing to the action, suspense and twists in the movie. Of all the characters Cole (played by Haley Joel Osment) stands out. The way he keeps his gift a secret makes him a kind of creepy character. Throughout the film it shows life through Cole's eyes. This gives us an insight of Cole's feelings and emotions. The sort of things that he has to endure, seeing ghosts during the day and night. Never ending terror.

Malcolm (played by Bruce Willis) on the other hand is the twist in the movie. At certain parts of the movie there are signs that may not appear to be important but later help you to understand why these things actually occurred. There were a number of times that this happened. The restaurant scene, the cupboard under the stairs, the doorbell, the meeting between Lyn and Malcolm. These things all become clear towards the end of the movie and contribute in a way that makes the movie more satisfying. When you realize that Malcolm is actually dead, you think about all the things that involved him and why they happened they way they did. This makes the movie much more interesting.

The third most important character in the film, Lyn Seer. She plays the distressed mother very well. She is seen as the mother who is trying to communicate with her son. In one of the scenes this is actually the main topic. It was said that if their family didn't communicate the family would fall apart. This is one of the most important parts in the movie because it shows that Cole has to make a decision. To be truthful and tell his mother about his unique gift or he could keep it a secret and see their family break down. There were also many other important scenes involving her. A scary scene was when she was looking at pictures of Cole and saw a bright light hovering close to him. In the movie it didn't really explain what the meaning of this was but it kind of convinced her and the audience that there was really something happening to Cole.

In this film there were some good points and some bad points. The good points were that it had a very interesting twist, the final conclusion on the film was that it ended the film leaving you feeling happy that Malcolm has finally done what he has gone out to do, to help a troubled child. It made you feel happy because Malcolm has completed his job and finally moved on to a happier place. A bad point was that at the start of the film suspense was building and building, but then as soon as you see the ghosts and you become frightened for a brief moment all the scariness of the movie diminishes.

Overall the movie was very well done. It had all the things it needed to be a successful horror/thriller movie. It had a twist that made you think and ponder, and it also had Cole, the troubled child. His performance was the backbone of the movie. 8.5 / 10

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