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A Lunatic Asylum Term Paper

Insane Asylum Research Paper

The white walls seemed to go on forever. Bleak and monotonous the tunnel seemed to swirl towards a centre that contained everything that a man could dream of. It seemed at the end of this corridor, which seemed to stretch for years lay the secret, the answer to the question, the reason for it all.

"Lights out!".
The sharp cry and solid clonk of the lights turning off disturbed patient number 55 from his daze. The sudden drift into darkness registered a look of mild surprise in his face, before it fell back into the limp, placid form it had held for nearly 8 years. It was the same for all the patients on the long-term ward at the James Fletcher Hospital. Every day the nurses and doctors would look for some kind of recognition to the outside world from the patients, something that offered them the slimmest hope that they had some idea of their surroundings. The days dragged on turning to weeks and than years, and still the same routine continued, the same dreams where dreamt and the lives of the people within the home continued, hidden from the view of the ignorant outsiders.


Patient number 55, had a name that he had long ago forgotten, an identity that was well since buried and dead, and his eyes no longer shone with the fires of life and passion. To him life was a chore, a monotonous train that rode round the same circle of track, never stopping at a station to break the routine, only continuing at the same pace it had always been at, The it would always be at. Considered insane by the outside world, patient number 55 had been shunned by all who had seen him, and dismissed as mentally ill. Never had he known of things like love and compassion, since that fateful day, when the people he had called family, had let themselves be free of his burden and everlasting demands, and he was placed in the Asylum. "His new home." They had told him. "Somewhere, where the people will look after you and keep you safe,". The absolute irony of this statement had stared him in the face for his first weeks, until the institution slowly but surely broke him down to the weak specimen of a human that he was now.

Slowly, he felt the pills start to kick into his body. His eyes began to drop, his back and leg muscles beginning to relax. His mind strained with all its might to stay awake and conscious, for he was afraid of the dreams that he knew would come. Never a night since he had entered the building, had he been able to sleep without drugs. And always with the drugs came the dreams of him constricted, not being able to move. Buried alive.

And always, he would be awakened from his terror by the bright lights, which symbolized another day in the place. Gaol by day, Terror by night, was the life of patient number 55. With know one who would want to help he was alone.

The sun went down and up. Autumn turned to Winter, which turned to Spring. Wars where fought. World Cups in many sports where won. Cures for diseases where discovered, and animals where cloned. Yet to Patient number 55 and the rest of the ward on the insane block, none of it mattered. They remained deaf and dumb to anything outside their own pitiful existence, because a muted mind is easier to control.

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