Thursday, October 27, 2011

Shakira Term Paper

Shakira Research Paper

The article I chose was about Shakira and how the U.S. views her as pop star, when in reality she considers herself to be a rock-star. Shakira is not a new artist, at least not to me. She has made five CD's in Spanish before she came out with her cross-over album "Laundry Service". She has recently started up her first arena headlining tour in the U.S. to show who she really is. She wants to get rid of the pop icon image that the MTV generation has portrayed her as.


Shakira was born in Barranquilla Colombia and moved to Miami as a teenager. She is now twenty-five and still lives in Miami with her parents. She started writing and playing guitar a t a very young age and was considered a child prodigy. To Latin America she has been around for seven years. She was not a new artist when recently came out with her single "Whenever Wherever", I was a bit surprised, but still pretty anxious that she was coming out with a new CD not as much that it was in English. I have been a fan of hers since 1996 when her fist CD "Pies Descalzos" came out. And since then she has been a rock and roll star since then, but the U.S. has gotten the wrong idea about her.

Unlike most pop stars, Shakira writes all her own songs. The only time she had help from other people was with the cross-over album. Everything is completely original and she is one of a kind. I was not too thrilled with the English album. The quality of her lyrics was nowhere close to her previous CD's. The few songs in Spanish that were on the album kind of showed her real potential that she has to write and make music. I attended her concert on Jan. 18th and there was where she really shined. In that concert she showed her rock side and she fit into it perfectly. She is truly a rock star, and I have always known that, but the rest of America hasn't had the chance to see her firmly planted roots that come from rock and roll. She was influenced by some of the greatest rock bands of all time, how can she not follow through with them in her own work. Pop star, I don't think so.

In all, I can't really hate anything she does because I truly admire her as an artist. I don't think she needed to cross-over, because in Latin America she was already a superstar wherever she went. But and artist like her I guess has to be shared with the rest of the world and needs to surpass boundaries. She didn't even speak English fluently, and she wrote a whole album. That takes time and intelligence. Her love for rock and roll shows through her later music, and if you listen to her CD you will see glimpses of it here and there. But her greatest accomplishments have been her earlier works. Her first language is Spanish, and she thinks in Spanish, so naturally she can express herself better in her native language. Her English cross-over was not a complete disaster, but hardcore fans as myself know that she can do more than what she gave in that album. But she still is the one person in the world I want to be when I grow up.

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