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Term Paper on Chocolate

Research Paper on Chocolate

Sitting in the cafeteria with my not-so-good lunch, I look over to my right and see my friend eating his great lunch with a chocolate bar for his dessert. I ask myself if I should ask him for a piece or if I should try to find some money that would buy me a chocolate bar. I finally get the courage to ask if I could have a piece. He gives me a miniature size piece of the bar. As I lean back in my chair and finish this great snack, I look over again to see if he has any left. He doesn't and now I'm left here wondering if I can get over my craving.


A good snack, and great energy booster, chocolate has been around for a long time. Have you ever wondered what life would be like if there was no such thing as chocolate? If chocolate weren't invented I couldn't have asked my friend for a piece but instead maybe would have asked for some other candy or something healthier. My thoughts drifted to wondering about the beginning of chocolate.

Today we are using words like "cocoa" or "cacao". These two words came from fruit trees called "Cacanate". Chocolate is made from the beans of this tree and was found as early as when Christopher Columbus discovered America. After Columbus found this creation he brought those beans back to Europe and people then made a drink. This drink, made from cocoa beans, was very popular and was known as a "Luxury drink" or a substitution for an alcohol beverage. Some people say that the Mayans found this cocoa tree as far back as the 7th century AD. The cocoa beans were also used as a drink by the Indians and were called 'xocolatl', or 'bitter water'. This drink was made acceptable to the taste by adding sugar and vanilla.

I imagine you're still wondering who invented chocolate. Well there are two families that are part of the history of chocolate. The first family is the Quaker, Joseph Fry and the Cadbury family. Both families believed that there was a lot of poverty due to alcohol. John Cadbury opened his own business to help those who didn't have a home by working in the business. Through this business the Cadbury's opened a small factory to manufacture drinking chocolate and cocoa. This business began to grow and John Cadbury took his brother Benjamin into the business and joined a larger factory.

While the Cadbury business was going well, it had a sudden change and this was known as the most difficult time in the Cadbury's history. During the 1850's the chocolate business started to be in trouble and the business was going down hill as was everything else. John Cadbury turned his company over to his sons Richard and George due to his poor health. While the brothers were in charge, they weren't enjoying their work and was about to leave the Cadbury Chocolate Factory to work in other jobs. The business survived after the brothers dedicated themselves to fixing the problem and soon everything worked out.

The Cadbury brothers started with the first few boxes of chocolates, they produced fancy boxes with cut-out stickers for the kids. Richard Cadbury took a lot of time to design boxes and some of his design still exists today. Richard used his own children as models or flowers and scenes from holidays for the design of boxes. He first introduced his boxes to the British and soon these boxed chocolates helped the business out because they became so popular.

Milk chocolate was made by the Cadbury family in 1897 and is the most popular type of chocolate there is today. By 1913 it was the Cadbury Company named their product Milk Chocolate and was known as the "Brand Leader". There are more than 250 million bars of Cadbury Dairy Milk sold today.

Although the Chocolate bar was made by the Cadbury family, the history of chocolate itself was started by a man named Joseph Fry. Joseph Fry was a physician who made chocolate in his apothecary shop and made the first milk chocolate bar. After Joseph Fry died in 1803, his son Joseph Storrs Fry took over his fathers shop and his son joined the sons of John Cadbury and they became partners.

In 1847 the first chocolate bar was invented. The great-grandson of Joseph Fry discovered a mix to making this chocolate. He melted cocoa butter into coca powder, along with sugar to create a paste that could be pressed into a mold. This resulted into the first chocolate bar and people started thinking of chocolate as a food as well as a drink. "The Cadbury firm marketed the first box of chocolate candies in 1868". (Quote taken from the chocolate recipes webpage) I never knew that the people who make oatmeal made chocolate. Cadbury and Quaker were friends and together made the invention of chocolate.

A long time ago, the invention of chocolates came in boxes and is still very popular in Fry's and Cadbury's success. In the 1920s and 1930s, these two families had a sales catalogue with different types of chocolate boxes you could buy for gift ideas. You could buy the "5-o'clock" which were chocolates found in a aluminum teapot, "Antony" which were deluxe chocolates found in a handkerchief box, "Nell Gwynne" which were deluxe chocolates found in a box with a metal ornament on a turquoise centre piece, and finally the "Clock Cabinet" which was a cabinet with removable doors with chocolates inside. Some of the other types of gift ideas found in this catalogue were velvet boxes, cabinets filled with three pounds of chocolate.

There is a lot of different type of chocolate bars you can buy. The chocolate bars bought a long time ago were; "Curly Wurly" which was a long lasting chocolate covered caramel treat. "Crunchie" which is still known today made in 1929, it's made with honeycomb with layers of milk chocolate. "Turkish Delight" made with starch to mold to form the center prior to covering it with chocolate. "Picnic" made wit peanuts, caramel and raisons on a crispy base covered in chocolate. "Double Decker" made with a crispy cereal base covered in chocolate. "Chocolate Cream" which is still available today made with peppermint or an orange cream filling surrounded by chocolate. These are just some of the chocolate bars.

Umm Chocolates. At the moment the bell rang to end lunch break. My friend and I leave the cafeteria and start to head back to class. I had started lunch with the thought of chocolates. I couldn't imagine life without it, there would be no Easter egg hunt, or even a great snack to munch on. I am happy the way it is.

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