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Essay on New York City

Descriptive Essay on New York City

When you think of New York you think of so many different people things. This is due to the fact that New York is build up of people from various cultural backgrounds. People immigrate from all parts of the world to the United States, but to them the land of opportunity is New York. This is due to the multi-cultural society New York consists of. People who immigrate from other countries to New York see it as a land of opportunity were they can earn more money and be accepted regardless of their social background.


The people of New York have the freedom to express themselves in any way they want without being threatened. We New Yorkers understand that everyone comes from a different type of culture and we respect them and all their practices. Blacks are the largest cultural group in New York. There are about 2,100,000 blacks in New York. New York has the largest black population in the United States. Many of the Blacks in New York immigrated from the south during the Civil War. Many immigrate from the West Indies or from Africa. Due to the acceptance New Yorkers have Blacks are becoming part of the cities middle class. In the past blacks lived in poor neighborhoods, but today due to acceptance and the various cultures they are moving up in society. "Jews make up about 15 percent of the population of New York City." (Cordero - Guzman, 2001)

The Jewish people of New York come from many various countries such as Israel, Russia, and Germany. "They are considered to be an ethnic group, however, because most of them live in Jewish neighborhoods and have similar religious and social beliefs." (Cordero - Guzman, 2001)

Many consider them the moneymakers of New York since they own alot of businesses and firms in New York. They play a big role in New York's economy. "About 14 percent of New York City's people are of Italian ancestry." (Cordero-Guzman, 2001) The Italians of New York are known for being a very close society. They have very big family values. Italians are very religious. Italians in New York are known for their major role in the construction industry of New York. They also play a major role in the restaurant business, being that their restaurants are the most popular in the city. Italians come to New York from Italy looking for better job opportunities like many others. Puerto Ricans make up the largest Hispanic group in New York. " Large numbers of Puerto Ricans began to move to New York in the 1950's."(Foner, 2001) Large numbers of Puerto Ricans live in East Harlem (El Barrio) and in the Bronx. When they first immigrated they worked in places like factories and restaurants, but today they work in large corporations. They also play a large role in politics in New York City. " The Irish population makes up about 9 percent of the Cities population" (Cordero- Guzman, 2001) They immigrated from Ireland in search of the American dream. They have always played a major role in New York City politics. They are also the largest Catholic Group in the city. Dominicans are the fastest growing ethnic group in New York City. They immigrate from the Dominican Republic in search of a better life. Due to the fact that in the Dominican Republic there are only to social classes the rich ands the poor many leave the country in search of job and lifestyle opportunities. They work in places like hotels, restaurants, and stores. Dominicans are infamous in New York for their bodega's (grocery stores on the corners of New York City Blocks).

Pretty soon they will become the largest Hispanic group in New York. Chinese are the largest Asian immigrant groups in New York. They have immigrated to New York due to large population in China. Many also have immigrated due to the Communistic government in China. Another factor for them coming here is the freedom. With strict laws such as the One Child Law of China many have fled the country. They own many businesses, such as discount stores, flower shops, and Restaurants. They are very famous for their shops along Canal Street (also known as China Town). New York is a large city were people come in search of a better life. Almost everyone is pretty accepting of the differences in culture and the diversity. But New York has many social problems. Due to the large size of the city lots of these problems are not made a big deal of, but they are problems we New Yorkers have to face. Problems such as poverty, crime, drugs, and racial discrimination are faced by many New Yorkers. There is a lot of competition in New York due to the large population, which is the main cause for social problems. New York is a place of many people with many different diverse backgrounds. This is what makes it so unique and different from all other places in the world. It is a land of immigrants living together as one in a community. A place were everyone is free to be themselves. New York also has one of the best economies in the world. This is due to the input that immigrants give to the economy. Whether it is through working or opening businesses they are the reason for New York's high economy. They all bring in a different flavor into the everyday life in New York making it a great place to live in.

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