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Term Paper on Buddha

Research Paper on Buddha

In trying to alleviate dukkha, or suffering, Sidhartha Gautama readily known as the Buddha, experimented many ways to achieve this feeling of enlightenment. He developed what is known as the middle path. Known in this way because it avoids two extremes, the search for happiness through pleasures and the other is by self-mortification. Suffering comes in many different forms, aging, birth, poverty, etc.


Causes for these can include the following: Craving, Desire, Thirst, Ignorance, Anger and Greed. To become liberated from dukkha, the feeling of enlightenment or "Nirvana" must be achieved. To do this the Fourth Noble truth must be considered. This step consists of many different categories, primarily eight. This is why it is called the Noble Eightfold Path. All of these categories can be seen as a single step toward enlightenment, but should in fact be grouped into three different categories: Ethical Conduct, Mental Discipline and Wisdom.

Ethical Conduct is built on the idea of universal love and compassion for all living things. Three of the eight fit into this category, though; I believe that only two seem helpful. Right Action and Right Speech are the two I see as the most desirable. In directing yourself from telling lies, slander and gossip one can help to alleviate pain in his own life and for others as well. I have found that there is always one person in a group of individuals that fits this perspective. It is also that one person that usually causes the most pain for the others in the group. A relationship with another person such as in marriage can also benefit from this type of practice. Right Livelihood, though, is not something that is easily followed. In practicing this step one must abstain from drinking, trading in arms or the design of weapons. I have found personally that this is a hard practice to follow. When trying to acquire a job through the Navy I tell them that I will not use my education to develop weapons of destruction. When one is trying to make a future in the engineering field this is a hard situation to stay away from because if I want to try and make money to eat, then I will have to do things like this.

Mental Discipline consists of three steps as well. Right Effort, Right Mindfulness and Right Concentration. All three are defiantly steps that one should follow to help alleviate suffering, but these three seem to be hardest to achieve. You must be in control of your feelings and all other activities of your body, but to be in control you have to be clearly aware of all forms of these feelings and activities. One might be deterred from this category because it makes you reach deep down and explore your feelings, feelings you might not want to explore. Another reason is that one might not be able to experience or learn from their experience because they are not old enough. My father told me when I entered the Air Force, that I was going to experience feelings and emotions that I have not felt yet. In speaking from his own experiences as a Navy Seal he told me that people don't usually try a step such as this until they are much older. After experiencing it for myself I do say that I agree with him.

Wisdom consists of the last two, Right Thought and Right Understanding. It seems that without these two it is not possible to achieve 1. Wisdom and 2. The other six paths. Without thoughts of love, and non-violence, it can be clearly seen that one is not to wise if he promotes the thoughts of war and violence. Understanding is the hardest for any one person to achieve. It is the highest on the list of eight. Having the ability to see things, persons, and nature, etc. for what they really are, but to see things in this way ones mind must be cleared from all impurities. The second part of understanding is penetration, or deep understanding. As I have said before it may be hard for one to explore this path because of his age, social standing or responsibilities. I would like to think that I have a certain affiliation with the first step of understanding. I try to see someone or some person for what they are not something different. If I have to this helps me to go beyond what I see, so that I may understand emotions or actions. Enthalpy could be integrated here.

In conclusion I have made an attempt to reflect on what I think are the most important of the Noble Eight Fold Path. I have argued my claims with simple experiences from my own life and pointed out conflicts with this the Fourth Noble Truth. I should be known that I do think all of the eight paths can be merited for their application, but not everything always happens like in the movies. In order to alleviate suffering everyone in the world must try to follow all eight of these paths. This I think will never happen.
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