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Research Paper on Ignorance

Research Paper on Ignorance

I have noticed that throughout history almost every civilization, culture, and people seem to have a religion. I believe that this is because of their primitive state of being and the ignorance of not knowing anything else to contradict the ignorance.

Rome and Greece were very scientifically oriented societies. Ironically they too had religion. They believed in the all-too-famous Greek and Roman Mythology. Today people look at these two civilizations and think that they can justify believing in a sun god because they had no way of knowing about the earth's rotation. My point is that today hardly any one shares in these pagan beliefs. The only people are those who are isolated and undisturbed in the backwoods, like in Africa or South America. The ancient Greek and Roman gods were proven to be false. I would bet that if you went back in time and you tried to tell a citizen of one of these two civilizations that their gods were not real they would probably not even take what you said into consideration. This is similar to what the religious people of today do to me when the subject is brought up. They may often look at the ceiling and gasp. Could they do anything more childish? At a moment like this all I can think of is saying, "Did I offend the supposedly omnipotent, imperceptible ghost-man in the "heavens"?"


The people of today think of it as impractical and primitive to have people worship the sun or pray for rain. How come the people who see this still have beliefs of their own? This is proof of simple-mindedness. They believe in a myth, a mere fairy-tale. To me the Bible is just a catchy read translated into Hebrew (the Torah) and Arabic (the Qur'an), with some details lost or twisted in the unprofessional translations. The poor author probably didn't even make a good profit from sales. This book was a late bloomer, but I will give it the gratification of it being a "classic".

Religion through my eyes is an addiction. Karl Marx is famously quoted for saying, "religion is the opium of the masses." This explains the susceptibility of the common people. It is an addiction of gratification and explanation. I'd say that people are better off taking up a habit like smoking. Religion and smoking seem to take away the same amount of time off your life. Religion takes away prime years and it is also confining. Smoking takes off the last years of your life when people are usually waiting to die or dying anyway. And plus, smokers seem to enjoy themselves. Religious people can be worrisome and embellish themselves with religion to make them liked in a superficial manner. These people have to justify everything they do and every event that occurs. When will these people finally face reality and realize that everything does not have an answer. I, myself, am filled with overwhelming intolerance towards these numerous people.

I can't picture how people could believe in things that are all in the mind. The answer I always get is that they have faith. Faith, what a joke! Faith in what? Faith in an ordinary building filled with pedophiles and perverts, stricken by their own beliefs and victim to the vicious game that "god" plays with their social anatomy and their reality. Natural law does not call for this isolation. I can only imagine the boredom of being confined to yourself for a "religious eternity". Life isn't that long and the clergy of catholic churches spend most of it singing about the same event that historically may not have even happen.

I am extremely xenophobic towards specific religious dress. How can either, wearing curls and a little hat or a blanket-tarp that covers the whole body make you any better then anyone else. I wouldn't mind it if it was someone's style but they are doing it for all the wrong reasons. I am pitiful for these people who actually believe that these superficial items will ensure their place in a magical kingdom in the sky where all good lingers. I hate to break it to these people, but you're going to live and then you're going to die. Now's the time to do something with your life before time runs out. Nothing is after this. Enjoy what time you have in the here and now.

Furthermore, there are too many conflicting religions anyway. How could all the Hindi people be as keen on having a faith that makes them believe that they will be reincarnated, when at the same time the Christians and Jews are just as keen on reaching this so-called "heaven"? These are totally different ideas and each religion speaks of all people being of the religion from the conception of humanity. If all people were created by god then how come they don't all believe, let alone worship in the same god if any. All it is is a bunch of ritualistic pagan stories that were handed down, and depending on the way they spread, tells of what people believe what. How come Hercules or Paul Bunyan aren't believed to be real, but a god, a ghost, and an incomprehensible being are believed to be true by the majority of the world's population? These are the people in control and telling you what to do. These are also the doctors and helpers that can hold their lives in their hands. Have these people ever heard of common sense?

I am witness to a religious shocking reality. In common religious instruction I witnessed what I would call a cult-like crime. The togetherness-and-love-lacking nuns were imbedding the idea that "god" comes before all else into the minds of poor susceptible, naive little children. No matter what is happening these children are told to remain faithful to their "lord almighty" no matter what. I cannot get past nor understand how in the limited time that a person has in life they could choose a theory over a physical being.

On a more personal note, worshiping idols seems hypocritical to me. Doesn't wearing a cross around you neck and clenching it in prayer fall into the category of worshiping idols? Praying in front of the religious statues also seems like idol worship. The praying to saints or other religious figures is also up there with the others. To me, the idea of the catholic pope takes the cake. He is nothing but a figurehead like the Japanese shogun. It's like a joke and it seems like the priests are trying to see what they can get away with. This man I physically incapable of normal functions. He is an old and crippled man.

Confession defeats the whole purpose of the commandments and again shows how two-faced the church is. For some reason someone made praying erase and justify anything wrongful a person has done. The confidentiality that a priest has with his subject is suspicious. Maybe it is because I believe in giving and eye for an eye, but the priest not telling of a crime would make him part of the plot.

Specifically, the Catholic Church is successful in today's world because of the money. In the past the church was a place for relief from reality. In this modern world, the church serves no purpose. People have advanced too much for the church to still seem like the only alternative. Too many things have been proven to be false or contradictory. Now it is a giant world wide conglomerate. The church has gone to a peaceful alternative from reality to a business as bug as McDonald's.

I am not a totally close-minded; in contrary to what you may now believe. I can be optimistic. All of these people could be right. If this is so, I may be, for lack of a better word, screwed, in the "after life" or what not. I prefer to take this risk because I'd rather be at a convenience now instead of being at a convenience in a supposed, imagined, theoretical, hypothetical, and unlikely world beyond reality.

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