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Essay on Beauty

Essay on Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

It was once said that, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". In today's society, who would be considered the beholder. Some might say they are the beholder, but the media sometimes molds the view of beauty. Throughout the ages many people have attempted to put into words the perfect expression of beauty. The portrayal of beauty can be discovered in many areas of life such as fiction, art, music, non-fiction and the media.


Fiction writers have tried to capture beauty ever since the days of princesses with long blond hair. K.A. Applegate suggest that being "pretty" is having blond hair and blue eyes(3). In the United States there as been an increase of the changing of hair color among youths. Also the use of colored contacts has been increased. Numerous young females expire to be "one of those fashion magazine girls"(Applegate 4). Without knowing girls obsess our their looks. Using make up and buying expensive clothes seems to be what beauty is all about now. Messages about beauty appear in children's fiction books, but they also arise in the advertisements they see.

In an effort to achieve higher sales advertisements contain images of many teen ideals. The musical ideal Christina Aguilera appears in a cosmetics ad with blond hair and blue eyes(Fetish advertisement). Once again this seemingly universal image of beauty is used. Aguilera's hair which is natural black has been changed and her eyes with are brown were changed. The picture of Aguilera shows an appearance of fair smooth skin(Fetish advertisement). Most teens don't realize that even though Aguilera may be wearing fetish products her image is further altered by computers.

What kind of message does this throw out? That if you don't like your body simply alter it. Advertisements may try to put an impression in the minds of youth, but classic poetry lends a helping hands.

"A golden pallor of voluptuous light"(Paul 342). This phrase is saying that the presence of someone can fill a room with "golden light." This suggest that beauty isn't a physical thing but something felt. "What can she do put smile, At her own perfect loveliness below"(Paul 342). Being comfortable with who you are and how you look cast a beauty all its own. Being fine with your own loveliness rubs off on other people. Poets might be the only ones that point beauty in the right direction but how about non-fiction sources.

In the teenage magazine Cosmogirl Michele Bender seems to hit the nail on the head, "Stop staring in the mirror so much." Spending too much time on physical beauty waste valuable time away. Spending that time on constructive things like getting in shape will help the course of life greatly. "..picture in her mind of the way she had to look"(Cosmogirl 132). All the outside concepts of beauty tend to bombard children before they can handle it. When these children grow up they don't know anything about themselves only what they have been told.

The one thing most people see daily is the media.

Through movies and television many things can be expressed. In the film The Phantom Menace the Queen wears lots of white make up on her face(Star Wars I : The Phantom Menace). This movie is supposed to be a depiction of the future, where woman wear massive amounts of make up. This future is no doubt not that far off for the woman of today. The Queen never showed her face without make up on(Star Wars I : The Phantom Menace). Most teens already do the same today. The need to look better surpasses convenience.

So in the end is the individual actually the beholder of beauty. It all comes down to the person, but no matter what we are influenced to some extent by outside sources. Out of the many sources fiction, art, music, non-fiction and the media few give a good source of the reality of beauty.

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