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Research Paper on Sleepy Hollow

Research Paper on The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

When Ichabod woke from what seemed like an endless sleep, he realized that he was without a head and he was holding a pumpkin in one hand. When he stood up he saw that his horse had been replace with a black stallion. At first he was very confused but later realized that he was now the dreaded headless horseman.

It took Ichabod some time to get use to his new body without a head and his new horse that was much more rambunctious then his old plow horse that he had borrowed from the farmer. One thing that was hard for Ichabod was not being able to eat, he had no real head, just a pumpkin. Ichabod still thought about his dear Katrina daily and was always trying to devise a plan of how to win her hand in marriage.


Ichabod soon realized that he had become the headless horseman because he was struck in the head by the pumpkin. So he figured all he had to do was catch Brom Bones one night when he was in the forest and strike him with his pumpkin. Then Brom Bones would trade places with Ichabod and Ichabod would be able to marry the dear Katrina.

Ichabod knew that he may have to wait some time before Brom would come through the forest and it would have to be at night. So he found a nice place in a tree near the road so he could catch a glimpse of anyone who was to pass by. And there he waited patiently. Almost a year had gone by and still no sign of Brom. Then he realized that the Van Tassels would probably be holding another party like they had before, and Brom Bones was sure to attend.

Early in the afternoon Ichabod caught a glimpse of Brom Bones and Katrina on their way to Katrina's house. Ichabod knew tonight was the night, he thought over and over again about how he was going to go about eliminating Brom Bones. He carved out his plan in the side of the tree that he was living in and studied it for hours.

Darkness came and Ichabod was getting very antsy and excited to finally win the dear Katrina for himself and eliminate Brom Bones. As he was waiting by the road on his horse and pumpkin head in hand, he heard a horse trotting through the woods. His heart was going fast, almost as fast as when he saw Katrina for the first time. The footsteps were getting closer and sounding like they were going at a slower pace then before. Ichabod had a flash back of when he came across the headless horseman for the first time.

He could see the horse off in the distance, he started to ride into position and there he waited for what seemed liked hours. The horse was getting closer and closer and Ichabod had a firm grip on his reigns ready to take off into a full gallop at any moment. He held his pumpkin tightly applying a firm grip and taking a few warm up throws.

Finally the time had come, the horse slowly trotted by where Ichabod was, he slowly creeped out behind the horse and he caught a quick glimpse and sure enough it was Brom Bones the horse was spooked and took off running but Ichabod was close behind. He could see the bridge off in the distance and knew he had to throw the pumpkin before Brom Bones even got close the bridge.

Then Brome Bones horse stopped suddenly throwing Brom to the ground. His chance was now Ichabod heaved his Pumpkin as hard as he possibly could. He nailed Brom Bones directly in the forehead knocking him out cold.

Ichabod began to feel light headed and fell to the ground. He woke up in the Van Tassels house with Katrina by his side. It had worked he had switched places with Brom Bones and now he would be able to fulfill his dream of marrying Katrina.

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