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Organizational Structure Essay Example

Organizational Structure Essay

The existing organization structure of Scholle Packaging
Scholle Packaging is one of the leaders of the world packaging industry. Basically, the company focuses on packaging. Its packaging services vary from liquid packaging to metallized coating for plastic and paper, as well as other kinds of packaging. In such a way, the company provides a large range of services concerning packaging. Nowadays, Scholle Packaging targets at the expansion in international markets and has already started to operate in many countries of the world. In fact, today, Scholle Packaging is an international and well-recognizable brand.

Naturally, the organization structure of the company contributes considerably to the positive performance of Scholle Packaging in the international arena. In this respect, it should be said that the organization structure of the company includes the major business unit that provide the effective and coordinate work of the entire company. To put it more precisely, Scholle Corporation includes several units working for the same purpose. One of the major units is Scholle Packaging which mainly deals with packaging. Basically, it operates in food, beverage and industrial markets. Another unit is JW Automarine, which, unlike the previous one, design and produce packaging using fabric and films.

Furthermore, there is Flextainer, which focuses on flexible systems and accessories for Scholle worldwide. Also, it is worthy of mention another important unit, Scholle Chemical, which produces ink, lacquer basis, many protective and specialty coating for medical, printing and other applications. This unit is basically oriented on the Atlanta-area market. Finally, there is Vacumet, which is specialized on the converting of vacuum metallized plastics, holographic and metallized papers.

All units coordinate their work that contributes to the excellent performance of the entire multinational company.

The implementation of the proposal to include Pinter Inks Strategic Business Unit in the company’s current Strategic Business Unit
Basically, the implementation of the proposal to include Printer Inks Strategic Business Unit in the company’s current Strategic Business Unit may be quite perspective since it will increase the effectiveness of work of the company at large due to the increased role of this unit. To put it more precisely, the inclusion of Printer Inks SBU into the current SBU of Scholle Packaging will provide larger opportunities to create new and more attracting packaging for customers. In fact, this step will be a logical response of the company to the growing demand from the part of the customers in packaging industry, especially in liquid packaging. The company is constantly enlarging its customer base and this is why the inclusion of the new unit will naturally help the company to satisfy increasing needs of customers, especially in such specific areas as liquid packaging.

Obviously, Printer Inks SBU will be able to focus on the major area of the printer inks business, including printer inks, inkjet cartridges, and laser toner. Also, the new SBU will definitely enable the company to more fully use its resources in this area. Naturally, the inclusion of the new SBU may be accompanied with the necessity to introduce certain changes such as the coordination of the work of other related units with Printer Inks SBU, but such problems can be easily overcome while the effectiveness can increase considerably.

This, in conclusion it is possible to say that the decision to make Printer Inks SBU the company’s current Strategic Business Unit is very important and can enhance the performance of the company.
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