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Essay on Teacher of Business Studies

Essay on Teacher

I have always wanted to be like my father. Since the early childhood I copied his behavior, style of talking and even walking. However, from recent time my share shares the first place of admiration and respect with the teacher of Business studies. While I have been at Boston Community Leadership Academy, he has always encouraged me to be successful both in my personal and academic life. He was not only the teacher, he has become my friend ready to give the hand of support and help in any situation. With his assistance, I have acquired vital leadership skills necessary not only for my career, but also for the everyday situations.

This teacher was very different from the teachers I had at school. He never pressed his authority or forced his students to do anything. He has managed to make his classes not only informative, but very interesting. Every task he assigned was completed with pleasure. He tried to make real leaders of his students and he has succeeded. His classes were well-planned and organized. Students were involved in the team works as well as individual assignments. The leaders of the groups were assigned by the teacher – he gave every student the opportunity to assume responsibility for the success of the whole team. Sometimes, the leaders were assigned by him to encourage individuals who were shy to become leaders on their own.

This teacher showed us the example of good leader. He taught me and other students to be self-confident, believe in personal ability to be the leader and not to be afraid to assume responsibilities. With his help I understood that the good leader is not the one who knows everything and is capable to complete the assignment on his own. The good leader is the one who can cooperate with others, listen to ideas and take into consideration the opinions of all team members. He has always been fair and if I did not understand something he was ready to help me and other students at any time. He never denied students of his assistance.

I will remember this teacher for his friendly voice, readiness to help and the wealth of knowledge he inputted into my head. He possessed the important ability of connecting to his students and understanding their needs. Moreover, he understood the problems of his students and was prepared to help them prior the problem even aroused. He showed the deep respect for all of his students and students replied with the same attitude. He set high expectations for all students, but not the same for all. He expected a lot from all of us; each of us was struggling to meet his expectations. He believed that all students could learn, but not all in the same way.

The teacher of Business studies helped me to become more confident in my abilities, he taught me to apply my knowledge in practice and not to be afraid to ask questions. He showed the benefits of the team work while emphasizing the personal contribution to success of the project. I will remember this teacher for many years after my graduation because he helped me to become the person I am now: knowledgeable, confident, cooperative and ready to overcome any hardship which might appear in my life. There are not so many good teachers and mine was not good, he was great!
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