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Advertising Plan Essay

Essay on Advertising Plan

The purpose of this report is to develop an advertising plan for a Virtual Travel tour online business, that would allow its customers to utilize a range of useful services while purchasing vacation packages. The plan provided below contains the information necessary to start up the business and ensure its successful operations for the first period.

A. Role of Advertising in the company
This strategic marketing plan hopes to introduce to new category users and favorable brand switchers that Red Bull can be consumed both night and day and in fact Virtual Travel can improve their vacation trends by offering wide range of unusual services and non routine packages. Therefore throughout the plan, the goal is for Virtual Travel to target university students using the various creative promotional strategies to spread the word of Virtual Travel’s benefits. The role of advertising is fundamental in this process, as it is not possible to compete in the tourist market without innovative and unique products widely promoted.

B. Advertising Objectives
The communication objectives for this campaign involves increasing brand awareness; developing positive brand attitude, creating brand purchase intention and increasing purchase facilitation. General marketing issues, advertising objectives and promotional objectives are also addressed to facilitate sales of Virtual Travel, communicate with target consumers and promote the product to our target audience.

C. Advertising Strategy
Virtual Travel’s aim is not to compromise and cannibalize Virtual Travel’s original beverage sales or brand image but merely to present consumers with a new way of using the company’s benefits. Consumers have not fully understood what Virtual Travel can do for them and so educating the target audience will help to reposition Virtual Travel as a unique offer for different types of tourists. Customers of Virtual Travel are brand loyal and favorable brand switchers as they will ensure high profitable returns for Virtual Travel. By highlighting the benefits of this service, in only a short time frame, the name Virtual Travel will become synonymous with unique vacation.

D. Target Audience
Having observed the product life cycle of Virtual Travel, it has been determined that the most profitable category of consumers are Favorable Brand Switchers. This is because FBS’ have low switching costs as they regularly try Red Bull and its competition and overall compared to the other categories are a very profitable group. The segmentation below describes two groups of favorable brand switchers, which the marketing strategy will focus on.

Consumer Profiles

  1. Young Adults: University Students (18-24 year olds) male and female.
  2. Adults: Night Owls (18-35 year olds) male and female.

  • Young Adults (18-24 year olds)
  • Demographics Age: 18-24 year olds
  • Adults (25- 39 year olds)
  • Demographics Age: 25-39
  • Sex: Male and Females

E. Communications media, selection of media to reach target market containing: Radio, TV, Newspapers, Magazines, Outdoor, Direct Mail, Interactive/Digital Media, public relations, supplemental media.

DIRECT MAIL Through research and years of advertising in this functional industry, Virtual Travel should decide to engage in direct marketing to connect with the target audience in an effective manner that personalizes the company’s relationship with the people that drives it. Virtual Travel’s direct mail will catch them with a captivating headline and drive them with a compelling offer. Virtual Travel’s creative mail pack will consist of 4 components: Letter of offer; Virtual Travel envelope; Promotional Brochure; Self addressed envelope.

Direct Mail Objectives

  • To receive a 65% response rate from the targeted audience within 4 weeks of mail outs.
  • To build 30% personalized relationships with target audience within six months.
  • To be able to identify which marketing technique succeeds and which fails within 1 year of using direct mail marketing.

MAGAZINES In addition to Virtual Travel’s direct mail campaign, Virtual Travel will also utilize print advertising in university publications and marketing collateral. It has been identified as an effective way to increase brand awareness from target audience. The more people hear of Virtual Travel through publications, the more associations students can establish between Virtual Travel and plausible vacation routes.

Print Advertising Objectives
To use various publications to leverage Virtual Travel brand with university and college life.

To reach 75% of the target audience at least 3.8 times per year.
To capture target audience via marketing collaterals that communicates an effective message of Red Bull and its usefulness with studying.

F. Advertising Message
The primary message conveyed is that Virtual Travel is offering unique opportunities in terms of vacation as well as different services to accompany such options for consumer convenience.

G. Advertising Budget
Taking into consideration the advertising mediums to be used for this plan, the initial advertising budget (for the first quarter of launching the campaign)is estimated at $ 150,000-200,000.
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