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Chronicle of a Death Foretold Research Paper

"Chronicle of a Death Foretold" Term Paper

Gabriel Garcia Marquez is by right considered the best Latin writer of twentieth century. Being a Nobel Prize winner at 1982, Marquez proves this high status by creating more and more genuine works. Writer and journalist, he is one of the founders of “magical realism”. Indeed, all works of Gabriel Garcia Marquez express an unusual mixture of real feelings, such as love, hatred, revenge, passion, loneliness, combined with supernatural and magical. One of the novels, “Chronicle of a Death Foretold”, is a demonstrative interpretation of human emotions. Let us look treatment of revenge at this work.


“Chronicle of a Death Foretold” tells the story in a form of journalistic investigation of a murder out of revenge. After the wedding night the bride Angela Vicario is found to not be a virgin. She names to her mother Santiago Nasar as her violator. Hence, two of Vicario brothers, Pablo and Pedro, decide to kill the evildoer. The whole town soon learns about this plan, however nobody attempts to either stop Vicario family or warn Nasar. It turns out that every person in town has a reason for not doing so. Therefore, the murder is finally committed – Vicario brothers kill Santiago.

Revenge is a central feeling that develops the plot of this novel. The members of Vicario family feel righteous anger to the Angela’s violator, and it is not difficult to understand them. The dignity of daughter, and the family in general, was affronted, and their revenge looks rather fair and natural - Vicario desire to avenge insult on the villain. From this standpoint the motive of revenge is understandable and fair (apart from its method – the planned murder).

On the other hand, the just incentive of Pablo and Pedro Vicario may be looked upon from another perspective. The author poses a question – whether it is really Santiago Nasar who took Angela’s virginity? There are multiple hints in the text implying that the situation is not that simple. Probably Angela named Santiago Nasar in order to hide the name of real initiator, whom she loved and tried to defend? In this case the honor defense transforms into blind anger, making the whole idea of revenge rather doubtful. Why did not Vicario family try to find the proofs, investigate, talk to Nasar normally? Such behavior shows another side of the medal – the real goal of their revenge was to punish someone only in order to commit punishment itself, rather than to find a real violator for solving the existing problem. Therefore, the righteous impulse of Vicario brothers turns to demonstration of power to their town, in order to show local inhabitants their strength and prove their so-called “family honor”.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez masterfully described different views on revenge in his novel “Chronicle of a Death Foretold”, again proving that human passions and emotions present a good material for investigation. That is why his books remain irreplaceable for millions of readers all over the world.

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