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Finance Term Paper

Finance Research Paper Sample

Yahoo Inc. and Whole Foods Market are the two companies that occupy the leading positions in their markets. It should be pointed out that basically companies belong to different industries but this fact does not prevent them from effective functioning. To put it more precisely, Yahoo Inc. is one of the largest companies operating in the field of IT. It should be said that it’s probably the largest success of this company was the creation of an effective and extremely popular search engine It is necessary to point out that this product has rapidly gained the world acclaim and customers uses this tool very often to the extent that this search engine occupies the leading position in the EU market compared with its major competitors. As for Whole Foods Market, it should be said that the company occupies the leading position in the food retail industry. The company basically focuses on the sales of its products to mass customers. Nowadays, the company offers a variety of food products available to different categories of customers and it is really important to underline that this company is quite popular among the customers. Also, it is worthy of mention that both companies may be viewed as multinational corporations since, at the present moment they operate worldwide and, if in the case of Whole Foods Market it is possible to speak about certain geographical boundaries, than in the case of Yahoo Inc. it is possible to speak about the company that operates in the virtual world the access to which is limited only by technologies available to customers worldwide.


Speaking about the line of business of both companies, it is primarily necessary to point out that Yahoo Inc. basically targets at the permanent implementation of innovations and the introduction of new IT and IS as well as offering new services to customers is one of the major strategies of the company. At the same time, the business line of Whole Foods Market is mainly focused on the international expansion and entering new markets along with the diversification of the products offered to customer, i.e. increasing the variety of products sold. It should be said that company pays a particular attention to high standards of services and work with customers worldwide that is accompanied by the specification to a particular regional market the company operates in.

In spite the fact that both companies occupy the leading positions in their industries, it is necessary to underline that neither has a totally dominant position in the market. In other words, neither of the two companies mentioned above has a monopolistic position in the industry it operates in. in this respect, it should be pointed out that the share of Yahoo Inc in its market approaches 30% varying depending on the region of the world. As for Whole Foods Market, its share is even a bit larger and constitutes about 35%. Nevertheless, the position of both companies is extremely strong and they have ample perspectives for the further growth, regardless the opposition of their major competitors. Among the latter may be named Google as the company that operates in the same segment of the market and is not less, if not to say even more popular in the world compared with Yahoo Inc. Whole Foods Market also faces an opposition of its major competitors among which basically dominate companies which have been operating in the food market for many years and decades, such as Nestle.

Furthermore, it should be pointed out that Yahoo Inc. basically uses liberal approach in its management since the specificity of the company implies the necessity to provide its employees with certain independence and freedom in order to adapt innovations more effectively. As for Whole Foods Market, it should be said that the company’s management style is more conservative and is basically focused on the development of a standard models and methods of management that could be easily but effectively applied in different parts of the world.

Regardless the seemingly stable and leading positions of both companies, it is necessary to point out that Yahoo Inc faced certain problems in the acceptation of its innovations by the mass customers because the new technologies and ideas often surpassed their epoch and were not always technologically applicable for the large number of customers. This problem, along with the growing competition and threats to company’s and its customers security of information remain among the most serious problems it will face in the future. As for Whole Foods Market, its problems do not relate to the security of its information but the growing competition is also a serious threat for the company similarly to Yahoo Inc. while its major problem of difficulties in entering foreign markets, which used to be a serious obstacle for the company’s expansion in the past, will hardly be a problem in the future global market economy.

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