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Computer Science Essay Sample

Computer Science Essay Example

In the article Crash Insurance, author James Fallows highlights several methods of computer storage back up while conveying an important message and an equally critical piece of advice, with which suggests that all computer users today must explore the possibilities of backing up their computer data via the various new and improved methods of data insurance. _________________________________________________________


Fallows opens the article with an anecdote, describing his own personal experiences with computers throughout the last 30 years, alluding to the progress that has been made in regards to capacity and processing power. He explains that with all the technological advances, the problem of data loss, both physically and digitally, is one that is often overlooked by the general public. The article takes you through the pros and cons, features, and benefits of various methods of backing up stored data.

Before getting into the new systems of data backup and management, the article describes DVD backup and external hard drives as a plausible backup method. Fallows enthusiastically asserts that programs such as Foldershare, Mozy, Carbonite,,, SOS Online Backup, and X-drive are “elegant approaches to data protection” (Fallows). He promotes these new techniques of data backup as convenient, automatic and even interesting. The article points out the weaknesses of external hard drives, arguing that they are uncomfortable to carry and can be easily damaged when taken on the road. Another advantage of the new breed of data management programs brought up is file synchronization. File synchronization allows users to operate and modify files from different physical locations and to maintain these changes in the place where the file was originally created. For instance, students can create a Microsoft Word document on their computer in their dorm room, modify it after their IT class on the school’s computers, and put finishing touches on it on the computers at work, without having to send it to their email, create multiple versions, or any other hassles that would usually be required.

The programs mentioned in this article serve a common purpose, yet they are unique in some ways as well. “What the programs have in common is automatic, round-the-clock, online backup” (Fallows), reports Fallows. The differences, however, are many. X-drive and Foldershare operate on PCs and Macs while Carbonite and Mozy only work with PCs. SOS Online Backup offers an far-reaching assortment of features and costs about $1,000 per year while Carbonite charges just $49.95 for its unlimited storage and insurance services (compared to $300 for a 500mb external hard drive). Mozy is quite customizable and tweakable while X-drive and Carbonite are considered more user-friendly.

Along with a basic tutorial, which claims that it is more logical to backup pictures, songs, and documents rather than program files, the article Crash Insurance provides some solid background information for someone who is not so knowledgeable in data management and storage backup. It provides for an adequate starting point in the decision making process for those who now realize how important it is to backup data. It is merely adequate simply because Fallows does not explore the cons of these programs.
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