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Geology Essay Example

Geology Essay

Nowadays, geologic exploration has already overcome boundaries of the Earth since the development of space exploration makes geologic exploration of space bodies very significant for the better understanding of their nature and essence. In such a situation, the geologic exploration of Mars seems to be particularly important for this planet is believed to have some traces of the presence of water. No wonder that numerous researchers and explorations of the planet focus on this aspect. In this respect, Geologic studies in support of manned Martian exploration, launched at the Department of Geology of the Arizona State University and conducted by Perry Frix, Katherine McCloskey, and Lynn D.V. Neakrase, are quite noteworthy.

The basic goal of Martian exploration targeted at the finding the presence of water and the geologic features associated with it. In order to provide an effective exploration a field analog projected was conducted. The project was basically focused on the development and planning of missions, receiving larger information about Mars and its geology as well as the development of essential techniques and acquisition of experience of using and interpreting remote sensing data in order to plan and run a field exercise and analyze its results.

On analyzing photographs of the planet, the researchers have managed to determine the local and regional geology of the two ‘landing’ sites. On collecting the data, ‘targets of interest’ were chosen. After the processes of the analysis and collecting data, researchers arrived to the conclusion that for the successful realization of the mission, it is necessary to find the balance between keeping to the planned timeline schedule, and revision of the mission in order to avoid possible conflicts and problems that could progress on arriving to the landing site (1).

Furthermore, in the result of the field exercise the researchers found out that a valuable resource for the further mission planning was high resolution remote sensing of the landing area (1). Also, on the basis of the analysis of the images received, researchers defined features that could be seen and interpreted. In the result of the classification of the features a minimum necessary resolution was determined. In this respect, taking into account that one of the major goals was the search of the presence of water and geologic features associated with it, the researchers have managed to find out that for the streams, bedrocks, boulders, and volcanic features that were observed and could potentially indicate at the presence of water, a resolution of at least 1 meter/pixel was necessary.

Thus, taking into account all above mentioned, it is possible to conclude that such geological projects are extremely important and, what is more, they are simply essential for the effective Martian exploration. It is obvious that traditional terrestrial methods of geological research and exploration cannot be fully applied to Martian exploration. This is why it is necessary to develop new methods of research and exploration as well as carefully analyze and plan possible missions that could reveal new facts concerning Martian geology and provide new opportunities for the further exploration of the planet.
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