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Term Paper on Camus The Stranger

Term Paper on Camus "The Stranger"

Albert Camus's The Stranger tells the story of Meursault. In the novel, Meursault kills an Arab for no good reason. Some readers may believe that this is simply a tale of a senseless crime however, the story is all about existentialism. Overall, the novel makes several references to three main aspects of existentialismѕ no objective morality, free will, and vocation.

There are several moments in the novel, which make reference to the Existentialist concept of objective morality. For example, Meursault says that he doesn't want to go visit his mother at the home, because it will "take his Sunday." (5) Most people think its is right to go and visit their mother at her home. However, Meursault has a different idea of what is morally right or morally wrong. Therefor he doesn't believe in objective morality. Later in the novel Raymond ask Meursault if Salamano treatment of his dog is wrong he say's no. (28) Most people would say its is wrong to treat your dog that way. However, Meursault thinks that it is right to treat your dog that way and he thinks all people must decide for themselves what is right or wrong without any outside influences, such as religion or the law.


Furthermore, there are examples of freewill Meursault finds a newspaper article a Czech who is murdered by his mom and sister Meursault believes that its Czech who is responsible for his death because he played games. (80) Most people would say it is not his fault. It is his mothers and sisters fault. However Meursault thinks that all people have free will, the ability to choose which course their lives will take. Because everyone has freewill they are responsible for their death. Later in the story during the closing argument of Meursault’s trial, he is angry because the two lawyers are deciding his fate. (98) Most people would let the lawyers decide for them. However Meursault thinks that everyone has free will, and all people must take responsibility for the decisions they make.

Finally, there are many examples in the book about vocation. For example Meursault has lunch with a strange woman she pays the bill before her food comes.

She seems satisfied by her odd behavior. (43) Most people would say is weird and she has a problem. However she has found her vocation in life. You must discover for yourself what your purpose in life. When you do find your vocation, you must pursue it with the utmost enthusiasm and endurance. At end of the novel Meursault say's he is happy that he is going to be executed. (123) Most people would say that is not normal for a regular person and no one will be happy to die. However Meursault thinks he has found his vocation in life.

In conclusion, The Stranger contains a lot of information about existentialism. I really don’t believe in existentialism. I believe in fate because I think there is an out side force that created all of us. I kind of believe in vocation. The part when you have to discover yourself what your purpose in life is. I definitely don’t believe in free will because there is fate and they don’t believe in fate.

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