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Research Paper on Nicholas Sparks

Research Paper on Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks' “A Walk To Remember” is an allegory of a young woman’s destined life to teach a young man the depth of the heart and what life is really about.

Jamie Sullivan is not a typical high school girl. She was not the girl who would have the words cool floating above her head. She was the type of girl content with living a life apart from other teenagers. Landon Carter never thought that he would ever have to get with a girl like Jamie, but he needed a date for the Homecoming dance. At the dance, Jamie just being herself got Landon out of a fight with her ex-girlfriends’ muscle head boyfriend and also helped take care of his ex-girlfriend, as she was sick. By doing this, it surprised Landon and helped him understand what kind of a person Jamie was. She was the type of person to always lend a helping hand.

Jamie and Landon got to know each other more, not on Landon’s own wishes, but because they shared the biggest parts in the town play together. They began to spend a lot of time together and became closer than just friends. Jamie and Landon wanted to perform the town play for the children at the orphanage that Jamie visited often, but were not allowed to. For Christmas, Jamie helped raise enough money to buy all the children from the orphanage Christmas presents, due to a large amount of money donated by Landon. Landon once again got a hint about what Jamie Sullivan was all about. A lot of the things that Jamie did all came from the heart.

In the summer of Jamie’s junior year in high school, she was diagnosed with leukemia. This hurt Landon because he didn’t know what to do. He wanted to do something for her as Jamie has done her whole life for a lot of other people.

He began to pray, which is something that Landon never thought that he would do until he met Jamie. He also read the Bible. Landon was in search for a miracle from God. One day, he found what he was looking for and there was nothing that anyone could do to stop him. He knew Jamie’s life long goal was the get married and this is what he intended to help Jamie achieve before she passed.

As long as Jamie and Landon knew each other, Jamie was not only a kind hearted woman that he had fallen in love with, but she was also the one who helped Landon become a man. She was the one who showed Landon how very important it was to help others. It was with Jamie’s patience and kindness that showed Landon what life was really about. Even in times of sickness, her cheerfulness and optimism was an amazing thing for Landon to witness.

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