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Essay on Good Role Model

Essay on Good Role Model

All of us would like to think of ourselves as possessing characteristics of a good role model for children. Unfortunately, role models are becoming scarce with today’s acceptable tolerance of misguided behaviors. For instance, one star athlete is arrested for rape, while another is charged with assault for a physical altercation against teammates. If you want to possess qualities of a good role model for children, you must first look past these misguided and often out of control athletes or superstars and look at the most important daily contacts of those influencing children. People directly affecting the lives of children who possess the good characteristics of being a positive role model are parents, teachers, and police officers.

Because parents are at the very center of a child’s daily activities they are the starting point from which good role model characteristics such as respect, communication, and involvement are created. First, children learn at an early age how to act by simply watching their parents.

Therefore, to seek respectful behaviors from a child a parent starts out displaying the same respectful behavior to the child first and then has the child model that behavior back to the parent. Secondly, parents who are able to keep the lines of communication between them and their children open help to create in their children a good well-rounded set of values that motivates children to understand and learn from their parents. Finally, the ability to praise your children for accomplishments if older, or sharing his toys and playthings with other children if younger, gives them incentives to keep up the good work. Children are often looking for acceptance, and when the parents accommodate this need through praise or rewards it encourages the child to keep up the good work.

Teachers possess characteristics such as building confidence, motivation for academic achievement, and sensitivity for the overall care for children that in many cases last a lifetime. It is the teacher who builds up the confidence in the child, who would otherwise think, I couldn’t, and change it to I can complete the assignment or task. Teachers give their students the ability to stretch their minds and think for themselves about any possible solution to a given problem. It is this general sensitivity for the overall care of children that enables the teacher to give the child the impression of being the apple of their eye. Which in some cases, is exactly what a child needs to succeed in their academic studies. Many teachers are able to communicate effectively with children providing them with a safe environment to discuss any problem or situation a child may encounter.

Police officers provide characteristics of a good role model by maintaining balance and order in society, providing a sense of being safe and protected, and displaying general care and concern for the human race. A police officer is one of the highest ranked community workers among children. It is through the police officer children see the lawbreaker will be brought to justice and allows an overall sense of safety and protection. Maintaining balance and order in society allows children to understand that even the slightest infraction of breaking the law, such as breaking the speed limit can result in being pulled over by a police officer. This in turn displays to children that yes, adults have rules that must be followed too, so they are not alone in having to adhere to rules. Finally, just displaying general care and concern for the human race is an important characteristic displayed by police officers for children. Children see police officers as helpers in times of trouble. In many cases, if a wreck occurs, it is the police officer that will arrive on the scene first to assess any injuries or investigate the cause.

The characteristics of role models possessed by parents, teachers and police officers all have common attributes children most admire. So, in closing, we all have the ability to possess characteristics of a good role model for children by displaying a general care and concern for the human race, an openness to communicate, and providing a sense of safety for everyone.

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