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Essay on Sin

Essay on Sin

So the wages of sin are apparently death. Death. Seems a bit harsh considering a sin can be defined as something as mere as swearing, but this is the Christian viewpoint and who I am to argue?

I am an Atheist and understandably I will say I am entitled to argue. Christian faith follows the statement that sin, alienation and death aptly sum up the Christian view of live and the focus of this essay is to decipher my views on this matter and so I shall begin.

Adam created the original sin (with the help of Eve of course) and so in Christian's eyes created the sinful world we have all grown in today. Some say that if it were not for Adam, Eve and the consumption of the Forbidden Fruit then we would all be living in an earthly paradise where in which we would see, hear and speak no evil. Nice analogy unfortunately this is not reality and we continue to experience evil all throughout our world on a daily basis. Confusing? No I don't think so. Basically the world is said to be paying the price for Eve eating the apple and everything we suffer is the Human Condition.


Even the appearance of Jesus Christ was not enough to give us eternal life and happiness, he did however act as a offering for all the sin already created in the world. Kind of like a royal pardon. He was our pardon.

Sin plays a major part in the human condition. It is something 99.9% of us do on a regular basis. A human without sin is a very rare breed and in my opinion non existent. Without sin we would not be a human life form. We would be up there with Jesus Christ and the almighty one himself (or should I say herself??). However sin is punished. The wages of sin are death. When I said at the beginning of this essay that those wages were perhaps a little harsh I think I may have been exaggerating. Why are they harsh? If you do something wrong at school then you expect to be punished so why not stand before the Lord God and be judged on your wrong doings? Well that is exactly what Christians expect to happen to them. Come your death you will come face to face with God and be judged for all your sins. This if believed has a lot of upsides. It means that those creeps who murdered Holly and Jessica will get their just desserts and that Osama Bin Laden will finally be confronted for his evil attack. Then they will burn in one of the nine pits of hell, each one specially designed for their crime. Seems like a perfect plan if it weren't for the fact that everyone sins and maybe God will not be able to distinguish this and someone who swore all through their life but was a genuinely good person may end up sharing eternity beside a rapist or a murderer.

Alienation is another in this statement. Alienation, turning everyone against you. Something some have no problem being able to carry out. But how can this be part of the human condition? Does this mean that just because we are born into this human race we must turn everyone against ourselves? I think not I think again I have exaggerated this and it simply means that we will turn people against us in our life span and we have no control over this. It is human life. It is part of our "condition" We are not perfect thanks to the original sin and so it is impossible for us to get through life without upsetting or angering some folk and we must simply deal with this and move on. Alienating ourselves from life however would be an entirely different matter but I think that if we did decide or manage to do this it would be more related to sin in the sense that we would have had to perform some task that horrified millions to turn the world against us.

Suffering. An aspect of the human condition that many of us feel we endure, but to be quite honest I do not think that waking up at midday on a Sunday with an hangover can be classed as suffering. Real hard suffering is famine, drought and painful illnesses. Something I hope that I never experience. There is no question that suffering is part of the human condition. It is a big part. We have countries in Africa filled with millions of starving people and natural disasters strike causing havoc on all those surrounding to bring such things as drought and famine. We cannot even begin to imagine a world without suffering. WE are unable to picture this because our minds cannot create an image of paradise, of perfection because we do not know what this is. The original sin prevented us from ever knowing in Christian faith.

Lastly on to death. Death. The wages of our sin. What we must endure to be forgiven. Death is without a doubt part of the human condition. It is the only statistic in the world that is completely guaranteed. We are all going to die. No doubt about it. No running from it, and certainly no hiding. If Adam could not hide from God in the garden of Eden then we cannot hide from death. I completely agree with this part of the Christian statement but please do not quote me on that. Death is to me the human condition. Like a terminal illness we are all born with. We are born effectively to die.

And so the human condition beholds us all. Doomed we all are to a lifetime full of God watching us commit sin after sin while we endure suffering and possibly even alienate ourselves from the rest of civilisation and why? Well so we can pay for all our wrong doings by death of course. We are not living we are working. Working for God. Working to die. Working to make mistakes so that we can rectify them by apologising to God for all our wrong. However one man (or woman) may be able to change this for us. Just as Adam, one man ruined it for us with the help of Eve, one man can change it with a tremendous act. Not sure what that act may involve but it certainly must be on a par with Adam's. That's what Christians believe, that one man can rectify the world and pardon us for all our sins just as one man's act landed us with a lifetime of sin.

Believable? Can you imagine believing that one great act could enable us to live eternally happy? No didn't think so. I refuse to believe this either at least until I witness it because as we all know seeing is believing.

And so the human condition makes for a very depressing topic of conversation. Well that's life I suppose. Sin, alienation, suffering and death. We shall all proceed in our merry little life's to go through it and then we shall be judged. Well I shall see you up there. I will be the one kicking and screaming that I never ate no fruit whilst I am being dragged to the sixth chamber of hell to join all the other heretics. Amen.

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