Saturday, December 11, 2010

Essay on Shampoo

Essay on Shampoo

Since this product is skewed towards a younger demographic I specifically looked at CD covers of teenage singers such as Hillary Duff, Justin Timberlake, Brittany Spears, and Pink. These covers showed off strong colors and flashy techno-ish styles.

I also watched MTV shows targeting similar Feisty shampoo demographics. TRL (Total Request Live), Road Rules, and Punk’d were the shows that were the strongest in the age group I was concerned with; A16-24. Websites were a very useful tool in finding what young women bought.

Bath and Body as well as were good places to look at. They showed some younger girls smiling and just having a special day - ofcourse, it was all due to their shampoo.

The specific layout for shampoos were fruity (Clairol ) or flowery (Bath & Body Works) but the most (TRESemme, Avon, Pantene,Nexxus, Redken, Salon Selectives, Paul Mitchel) used their name with a different color bottle with little text, nothing else. This tells me the name sells, not the visuals. There was an occasional sunlight bouncing off perfect hair visual. The text was easy to read and very visible. Some were very detail oriented in what they delivered inside their product.

Since I am not in the women’s shampoo market its hard to say which one worked for me but since they are all so similar they must be working.

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