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Research Paper on Ethnicity

Research Paper on Cuban Ethnicity

Cuban Ethnicity is a power thing! The Cuban family surrounds itself around family, traditions, and freedom. Pride is an overwhelming trait that the Cuban family holds dear. I was born in the United States of America and thus have earned the distinction of being American by birth. My family roots are that of Cuban. I am Cuban-American. The makeup of the Cuban-American family has a history. I will cover three generations that are crucial to our inception and existence in this new world.

The three generations include: Our parents, those born in Cuba but raised in the United States, and those born in the United States of America. Hispanic people are proud people and Cubans are yet another example of an ethnic group that has not lost the teachings of their forefathers. I will cover the generations of my Cuban family and the education rights that I am able to have here in the United States of America. College education is very important to our Hispanic heritage.

The first generation, our parents, is the most powerful generation of all. They lived in a country that had all the riches they could possibly ask for until a tyrant came to power. Cuban parents were forced to choose the future of their children over their land of their birth. Many people lost their money, land and family members to a new dictating government. My parents were like many others that chose to leave their parents and family behind to move their immediate family to a land of freedom. America was that country.



My parents arrived during the freedom flight and the Catholic Society assisted them in making New Orleans, Louisiana their new home. Suddenly my parents were in a strange country with a different language and different customs. The most powerful generation in Cuban-American history began its quest to assimilate and prosper in a foreign country. They accepted meager paying jobs in order to provide for their family. Our family consisted of my parents (1st generation), my sisters (2nd generation) and years later me (3rd generation).

My father was fortunate to have a college education but my mother was not. My mother came from a poor family and was not able to have a college education. My father made a difficult decision coming to the United States but he wanted to afford his children with an American college education.

The second generation was not an easy one. My sisters were too little to remember their native Cuba but my parents ensured that the teachings of our forefathers were not lost in the transition. Growing up with Cuban parents was challenging at times, because there were many things American kids were allowed to do that Cuban parents did not practice. Sleepovers are an example of a forbidden event. This generation was a challenging one because the language was a true obstacle that both my parents and sisters had to overcome. Children always learned easier than parents did. The Cuban teachings were a part of everyday life. Spanish was the only spoken language in the home and English was only spoken at school. The Catholic religion was ever present in our upbringing and familism was central to our successes in the United States. Our family values always stressed the importance of who we were and where we came from. My family showed the same tenacity that other immigrants had showed in the past. This generation produced many educators, lawyers, athletes and scholars. The path was made much easier for the future generations to come. Cuban children loved obtaining an education. We have many scholars, teachers, and inventors in Cuban history.

The third and present generation is where I come in. I was born in 1971 to Cuban parents that had migrated to the United States with three young daughters. I am the first one in the family that was born in the United States. I was the dream that my parents envisioned many years earlier. Their devotion and sacrifice enabled my family to live the American dream. We now live in a country that affords us the opportunity to speak our mind and accomplish any goals we set for ourselves. This country lets us be who we want to be. A college education provides me with the ability to be whomever I choose to be. The value of a college education is something that is treasured and very important to my future successes. A college education is a great investment for all generations to come. A college education will provide me with better job opportunities, more earning potential, and will serve as the vehicle to gaining more knowledge and skills for my future. No one can take an education from me. My parents sacrificed many things in order to afford me the opportunity of an American college education. I have to do my very best to honor my father’s memory and to make my mother proud. Education is empowerment. A college education will unlock doors that were once shut to other Cuban immigrants to this country. A college education will always continue to appreciate in value. I treasure the opportunities that my parents have afforded me by bringing me to such a great country. The Veterans Administration is paying for all my educational cost. I have everything I need for imminent success. The sky is the limit and I thank my Cuban upbringing for it. I have never been to Cuba but my parents instilled in me a sense of pride and a powerful Cuban Ethnicity that I carry with me daily. My generation has made a huge impact in the character of American life. Cubans are representing in various areas of American society. We have distinguished congressmen and women, athletes, doctors, scholars and musicians to name but a few. Our Cuban ethnicity is strong and will endure. There is a huge pride in saying “I am a Cuban-American female that has served in United States Army and fought to preserve its freedom”. My parents are very proud of my sisters and me for living their American dream and passing it on to our children. Cuban Ethnicity is a powerful thing that my children will never forget. We long to return to our native land one day and share with them the many riches of the America we love so dearly.

My future seems very bright. I owe all my successes to my upbringing that is why I relate my ethnicity with my college education. My parents made huge sacrifices that have allowed me to benefit from the many luxuries the United States has to offer. My college education is very important to me and I will do as well as possible.

Obtaining a degree in Information Systems Management is my goal. I hope to help other Cuban children in obtaining their education. I currently have a well paying job that provides for my family and is allowing me to set money aside for my children’s future. My children will understand the power of Cuban ethnicity and they will pursue their college education as well. I long to one day return to Cuba and assist in the rebuilding of a beautiful nation. The education Cuban-American’s have received in the United States will assist in the rebuilding process. No one knows how long it will take for Cuba to be free but meanwhile the Cuban people will continue to excel through education.

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