Saturday, November 12, 2011

Real Superheroes Essay

Real Superheroes Essay

Over the last few hours I have been thinking about superheroes. There are different types of superheroes. Some heroes come from other planets and have super powers. Some superheroes have technology and use their wits to fight villains and save the planet. They wear capes and spandex and appear larger-than life in comic books, cartoons and movies. I enjoy superheroes, but what I am really thinking about are the real superheroes, the true heroes that I know.

By definition a superhero is a hero, especially in children's comic books and television cartoons possessing extraordinary and often magical powers.


Everyday ordinary people can be super heroes. My parents are superheroes in my eyes. My parents don't fight super villains or crime. They don't have magical powers or x-ray vision. My parents are heroes of a different sort. Everyday they fight to provide for me and my siblings; to put food on the table and make sure we have clothes on are backs. Super heroes may have bionic body parts or ride in special vehicles, like the Batmobile. My parents drive a Pontiac Grand AM and a F-150 truck; they have jobs to go to everyday. They even make time to cook and clean up. I'd call that extraordinary or even magical power. Rather than performing superpowers my parents live their lives and don't let anything keep them down. They face trials like bills, work, money and kids; superheroes face their own trials in each issue of their comic. For my parents it is an everyday thing; they deal with all of the challenges that come along with life.

The definition of a hero: a person of distinguished courage or ability admired for his or her brave deeds and noble qualities; regarded as a role model or ideal person. This is how I see my parents. They are like X-men or Spider man. My parents are just two people who try to enjoy life like everyone else. Sometimes that takes a lot of courage. I think their experience is similar to that of a superhero; they see their powers as both a curse and a blessing. Speaking for myself I'd gladly exchange the pat on the back from admirers for their life. They may not see their selves as heroes, but others are inspired by the way they live their lives despite a big family.

Comic book heroes seem fearless and have superhuman strength and powers. A real hero is an ordinary person facing extraordinary circumstances and handling them the best they can. I think our true powers lie in the way that we live our lives with dignity courage and love.

You see my parents are my number one heroes; they don't compare to these super natural heroes or even these other heroes such as Firemen, police and doctors. They have something that know one else can give me. My parents have no qualifications or training but the pass in my book.

The current form of superhero is his own boss, He or she is financially comfortable and pursues a fairly high-powered career, and they take care of their family and handle their business. That describes my parents to a tee; a superhero that is.

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