Monday, November 7, 2011

Essay on Redheads

Essay on Redheads

Redheads are very unique individuals in a way that no one can fathom except from personal experience. They have fired hot tempers, yet are some of the most fun people to ever come in contact with. Most of them are witty and can keep a conversation humorous without even pondering what to say.


Being a redhead from birth to eighteen years, I have come to realize the treatment I get is somewhat different from how people of "common" hair color. When I walk in the room, I tend to get noticed more. More heads are turned than when I notice a different person with blonde or brown hair entering. Needless to say, these statements are not egotistical, just observations of how life can be affected by differences. By having several friends that share the feature of red hair with me, I have tended to watch them to see how people react to them compared to me. My results confirmed the special treatment that redheads receive daily from the people around them.

Not only are there pro's of being a redhead, but there are definitely cons as well. Since people tend to notice "us" more, it is more important for us to be setting a positive example. The more attention you get, the more you realize all eyes are on you so you are motivated to set the best example possible. That may be different for some people depending on their moral standards. For some, it takes a great amount of time to find out who you are and how your attitude affects your peers and whoever you may come in contact with.

The influence you have on society is important if you want to bring up a society with morals. Redheads "should" follow a career in a leadership position. Special treatment doesn't necessarily mean anyone is better than anyone else, but people tend to expect more from the ones who stand out. All eyes are on you.

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