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The Crucible Research Paper

The Crucible Term Paper

"The Crucible" is a play describing how lies and betrayals destroy a peaceful society. It also shows how jealousy and hatred destroy lives when accusers are given too much trust and victims are given none. Throughout the play, the ultimate causes of all the problems are betrayals and lies.

In "The Crucible", John's disloyalty to Elizabeth is what starts the accusations and ultimately his and his wife's deaths. When John is caught by his wife while having an affair with Abigail Williams, their servant, tensions rise between the two. As a result, Elizabeth furious and disappointed throws Abigail out. This makes her most jealous, and she asks her uncle's slave, Tituba from Barbados, to do one of her rituals and kill Goody Proctor. They decide to go to the woods and do the ritual and Abigail forces some other girls to go with them also. While making a soup and doing a dance, Reverend Parris, Abigail's uncle walks in on them. This sparks a commotion in Salem that begins a witch hunt. The girls, trying to protect themselves, follow Abigail's instructions and start pretending as if they were attacked by other people's spirits; people whom they claim have contracted with the Lucifer. A trial is formed and many others also are executed.


And again Abigail tries to get rid of Elizabeth, accusing her by saying that she has compromised with the devil and had sent her spirit out one night and stabbed her in the stomach, but when John tries to protect his wife by telling the court that she slept with him and she is accusing Elizabeth out of jealousy, everything falls apart. When the judge asks Elizabeth to tell the court if such a thing really happened, she lies to protect John's reputation unknowingly. Then Abigail and the other girls accuse John of being on the devil's side and the Judge immediately believes them and convicts John.

No one except the persons responsible was going to be harmed if it were not for the lies that were told to protect one and harm another. If from the beginning the girls had not lied and their parents had not supported them, no one would have had been punished except the girls, and since they were all teenagers the punishment was not going to be so harsh. Also, many lives would have had been saved. Many parents knowingly go with the story just to gain a profit and to also keep themselves from being accused. Lies follow lies and after a few weeks passes by anyone who ever thought of telling the truth is now too deep into it to even think about it again. After a while the situation gets so bad that when Elizabeth lies to protect her husband's reputation she ends up making things even worst, causing John to be accused of working with the devil also, which ultimately caused them both their lives.

In "The Crucible", Arthur Miller describes how disloyalty rips a family to pieces and how a society is shredded to apart by lies; Lies which cost some their lives and benefited others. Lies that started as a child's play and ended up making a lesson in history, but Julius Caesar once said "Those who do not know their past, are doomed to repeat it."

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