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The Divine Wind Research Paper

The Divine Wind Essay

The Divine Wind is a love story, there isn't any doubt about that but is it just a love story? I don't think so. I think there is more to the novel than just love. There are other important themes and messages in the text aside from love. The story is about the effect war has on society, racial prejudice, and betrayal just as much as it is fixated on love. Friendships also play just as much relevance in the story as love.

The novel teaches you that war is a bad thing. Not only can war destroy your towns and cities, it can also break the closest of bonds and friendships between people. The story depicts the harsh reality of war but not only from the view of the frontline, but it also shows how war can be just as scary back home worrying about loved ones.


The novel revolves a lot around the racial prejudice shown by white Australians before, during and after wartime. Not only towards the enemy (the Japanese people living in Australia), but racism towards Aboriginals. The novel makes you think about how much the attitude of white Australians has changed since these times. In the story this is how Olive Webb described aboriginals "Your black fellow cant make ethical or moral decisions," Olive went on. "He can't understand things like mercy or kindness. In his native state he is quite resourceful, but does he ever carry that through to something bigger or better? No. It's baffling." It would be strange to hear someone talk of aboriginals like that at the present time.

Many examples of betrayal are demonstrated within the book. Some of these examples were between the characters Hart and Mitsy, Carl Venning and Alice, and also I think betrayal played a big part in the relationship involving Hart and Jamie. One principal example of betrayal was when Hart, during probably the worst moment of his life, when he found out that his sister was missing and his father was having a stroke he felt betrayed by Mitsy and a confused, scared, enraged Hart felt Mitsy was partly responsible and this is how he felt about the situation: "Japanese fighter pilots had been shooting at Alice. I felt my face twist. I felt the spurt of burning tears, and I said to Mitsy "You Bitch"". This is a prime example of why the book is not just about love.

When I found out we were reading this book, from a glance, I thought the novel was going to be just another typical love story about how a boy who meets the girl of his dreams and they fall in love with each other and live happily ever after, that is what I would call a typical story just about love and have no real other meaning to it. The Divine Wind isn't just about love and if it was I wouldn't have enjoyed the novel as much as I did.

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