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The Wave Book Essay

The Wave Book Essay

The book I selected to write this essay on is, The Wave. The Wave, written by Todd Strasser, is based on the life of a high school teacher named Mr. Ross. One day Mr. Ross was teaching his class about the Nazis when his students kept on asking him questions. Mr. Ross was stuck on this one question. The question was why did everybody follow Hitler? On that same day Mr. Ross wondered how he could make his students understand why nobody dared to stop Hitler. He then begins an experiment unknowing that later it would outgrow the confines of his classroom. As the experiment went further out of hand all of the students in the school were asked to join, and when some refused to go along with the ordeal they were threatened to do so. Later in the book a girl by the name of Laurie Saunders figured out what this experiment was really about. She thought the classroom experiment was actually making history repeat itself. So, she stepped up to the plate to become one of the only people who vow to dismantle what is later known as The Wave and everything that it stands for.


In this essay I am to choose a hero. But, first we need to know the definition of a hero. The definition in the American Heritage Dictionary- High School edition is as follows: any man noted for feats of courage or nobility of purpose; especially one who has sacrificed or risked his life. My definition of a hero is a person, man or woman, who has courage. A hero is a person who does something to prevent atrocious things from happening. One who is determined and persistent. A hero is somebody who will put his or her life on the line to save or protect another. Courage, determination, intelligence, compassion, responsibility, and honesty are traits that, in my opinion, create a hero.

I chose Laurie Saunders for this essay because she possesses all the traits stated above and most of all because she is ready to do what ever it takes to stop the Wave.
In this informative essay you will receive information and evidence on why Laurie Saunders is the hero in this book entitled, The Wave.

The first evidence that will be stated is as follows. Laurie Saunders published an article in "The Grapevine" as her first step to help stop the Wave. This article contained negative information about the Wave. On page 99 this is proved when it says, "She found Amy in the library and gave her a copy of the editorial to read. As Amy read, her mouth began to open wider and wider. Finally, she looked up at Laurie. What are you going to do with it? I'm publishing it in the paper, Laurie said. But you can't say these things about the Wave, Amy said. Why not? Laurie asked. They're true, Amy. The Wave has become an obsession with everyone. No one is thinking for themselves anymore." This quote from the book proves that Laurie has and will publish such a thing in "The Grapevine." Laurie takes this action despite of knowing that many people will hate her after that.

The second evidence is that Laurie convinced her boyfriend who is also one of the major Wave members, David Collins, that the Wave is dangerous. David was trying to convince Laurie that she was incorrect, but fortunately David himself was convinced. The evidence is found on page 112. "Hey, Laurie, can't you wait up? David asked". Laurie you've got to stop writing stuff against the Wave. You're causing all kinds of problems. The Wave is causing the problems, David. It is not, David insisted. Look Laurie, we want you with us, not against us. Overcome with anger, David grabbed her other arm. Why did she have to be so stubborn? Why couldn't she see how good the Wave could be? We can stop you and we will. He shouted at her. Almost out of control, he screamed SHUT UP and threw her down onto the grass. It was crazy. David knew that he was wrong. This proves that Laurie made David believe in her.

The third evidence is when Laurie makes Mr. Ross finally stop the Wave. Laurie Saunders and David Collins go to Mr. Ross and explained to him that his experiment is out of control. This is clearly done on page 118. "Who is it? It's David Collins and Laurie Saunders. Surprise Ben pulled the door open. What are you doing here? He asked. It's late. Mr. Ross we have to talk to you. Well, come in and sit down, Ben said. As David and Laurie entered the living room, Ben could see that they were shaken up. Had something even worse happened because of the Wave? God forbid. The two students sat down on the couch, David leaned forward. Mr. Ross you've got to help us, he said, his voice filled with agitation. What is it? Ben asked. What's wrong. It's the wave, David said. Mr. Ross, said Laurie, we know how important this is to you- but it's gone too far. Before Ross could even respond, David added, it's taken over. Mr. Ross, you can't say anything against it and people are afraid to. The kids at the school are scared, replied Laurie. They're really scared. Not only to say anything against the Wave, but of what might happen to them if the don't go along with it." This statement proves that Laurie has gone to the highest authority Laurie does what ever it takes to stop the Wave. Laurie first figures out herself that the Wave is a threat when David argued with her; and when Brian beats a boy up because of the Wave, it causes Laurie to go against it even more. Laurie then started to convince her best friend Amy but she does not believe her either. Then, Laurie finally writes in "The Grapevine" the threat the Wave holds. The concepts of what the Wave article holds are stated on page 97. "The special edition of "The Grapevine" would include the story by the anonymous junior, and a report Carl had done on the sophomore who had been beaten up. But the most critical article was on the editorial Laurie had spent most of her Saturday writing. It expanded the Wave as a dangerous and mindless movement that suppressed freedom of speech and though it ran against everything the country was founded on." This proves that Laurie did a good job. After the members of the Wave read this they tried to stop Laurie. David (her boyfriend) was one of them that tried to stop her. David, who got angry because Laurie was arguing against him, pushed Laurie to the floor and hurt her. Since David thought that it was because of the Wave that forced him to hurt Laurie, he joined Laurie on stopping the Wave. Hence, they both go and try to convince Mr. Ross to stop the dangerous effect of the Wave.

If someone else were to read this book they would be confused at the fact that Laurie is the hero or is it Mr. Ross. The reason I chose Laurie as the hero is because she shows all the traits that I stated at the beginning that a hero must possess such as courage, determination, intelligence, compassion, responsible, and honesty. Mr. Ross was not at all responsible. He mistakenly lets loose such an experiment. This is proved on page, 122. "Ben sat up in his chair. Principal Owens, I understand the pressure your under. I know that the Wave has gone too far. I Ben took a deep breath. I realize that now that I made a mistake." In this quote Mr. Ross admits that he is wrong. Mr. Ross cannot be a hero if he is responsible for the conflict in the book. Mr. Ross is not compassionate either. Many people got hurt and he ignored them. He just continued on with the experiment. Thos is proven on page, 101. "In the faculty lounge, Ben Ross puts down his copy of "The Grapevine" and rubbed his temples with his fingers. Suddenly he had gotten a terrible headache. Something had gone wrong and somewhere in his mind Ross suspected that he was to blame for it." In this quote Ben Ross notices all the dangers of the Wave. But he continues on to try to finish the experiment in an orderly fashion. At the beginning, despite a student gets hurt he still continued the Wave parade. This proves that Mr. Ross could not have become the hero.

In conclusion, Laurie Saunders did many important things to stop the Wave. She wrote against the Wave in "The Grapevine", she got David Collins, one of the main students in the Wave, to join her in stopping the Wave, and she convinced Mr. Ross to stop the dangerous effects of the Wave. I have also proved why Laurie is the main hero in the story. The wave is a really interesting book and I would encourage anyone to read it. I enjoyed reading this spectacular, fulfilling, and adventures book as well!

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