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Money in Sport Research Paper

Money in Sport Research Essay

In today's society we are dominated by the world of sport. No matter which country you live in, you are constantly receiving images of various codes of sport. We all have a favorite team, no matter what type of sport and most have a Hero that takes part in the game. These constant images of the players, officials as well as administrators of the game allow us, the viewers, to hold them directly accountable for their actions.

We see everyday the problems that some sports have and we, the viewers of that sport, are able to express our opinions on those issues. The one big problem however, is that we are there to enjoy the game and the players are as well, but, when monetary gain begins to take priority, the players lose all that fun and begin to focus in on the money. That, is where sport is let down in many ways. We see it in every code of sport. The players, officials and administrators sometimes are caught up in a world of deception, lies and trickery, for what though? Just to earn the extra buck!


Today's sport is caught up in the money race. Profit, revenue and cash all seem to be top of everyone's list. What happened to the days when a player would play off his own back and only played the sport because of how he or she enjoyed the game so much. Well, to be honest with one another, we will never see those games or those fantastic players ever again. Now all we see are lawsuits, huge profits and the downside, bribery and match fixing. These last two versions of events are the 2 main arguments that are absolutely destroying the world of sport, as we know it. There are many major principles throughout the world we can focus in on now. Afterwards, you will se the full devastating affect that money in sport can have on the game as well as the people involved.

Speaking with the times I will now discuss how the influence of money in Soccer has ruined the game. Today Europe and South America dominate Soccer respectively. Both Regions producing some of the worlds greatest teams and nations. This however also proves another of my major points that these regions are also some of the wealthiest teams in the world and the respective leagues are the most popular as well. This has down falls as well. The idea of selling players to other clubs to regain profit on the players has allowed for clubs to not really have the personal ideals in mind when making key transfer decisions from club to club. For instance one club could buy a player for a reasonable price and the player plays for this club for 3 years allowing his value to almost triple due to his skill levels. Another club then bids for him at that price specified. The club doesn't care about how the player will benefit the team in the future but rather how he will influence their back pocket. We cant have several clubs worrying more about their clubs financial statements than the actual players who allow for this statement to take place anyway.

The other problem is that these players that have dominated the league or club they are involved in become dependent on the money they receive. Due to this they become almost addicted to it and their whole attitude towards the game seems to change totally, the game doesn't seem to matter as much. There work ethic drops as was shown in the World Cup that is currently on now, all the top players in the world come out and perform for their countries. My last point has come out in this because out of the top 7 teams a remarkable 4 have dropped out before even getting into the final 16. This pathetic show is only being put down by many soccer experts as these teams complete dependence on money as showing their ranking in sport. Of course they have the players to play at this top level but their heart for the game has gone. This shows how other nations have shone in the World Cup because their countries are not financially as great, and the players are still playing for the fun of it. A perfect example is Senegal as well as USA they aren't dominant Soccer nations but they have the will to play and don't care about the money because it is not there.

The Constant show of bad images in sport do ultimately come back to the inclusion of money in some way or another. Whilst there are many very historic games that have not changed over the years in many ways, they have still had problems with money. The historic game of cricket has been completely ripped apart over the last couple of years. The players receive huge pay- outs for their skills but greed and the hunger for money has pushed some players over the edge. The bribery in the game of cricket over the last few years has become ridiculous. The amount of players banned from the game has never been as high as it is now, due to the fact that the game has been completely investigated to worm out any signs of match fixing, bribery or cheating. The problems range from tampering with equipment to win matches, bribing officials and players to "throw matches" as well as being payed to disclose censored material. Most teams today have been rocked by these allegations, and we can clearly relate it back to money.

Another sport that in my view has been ruined by money mainly takes place in USA, such as the game of Baseball. These problems take on another view. It isn't that the money is affecting anyone personally it is affecting the teams and the institutions that take part in the game. My proposal is that corporate dealings and sponsorships is allowing the idea of focusing in on a team and the whole idea of sport, just to sell a product and get a message across. This doesn't just happen with advertising around the grounds, it also takes place in the actual teams. Many companies buy teams just to promote their product. In Baseball the sponsors have more control than the actual owners of the teams.

This whole idea of sponsorships is allowing major teams that have the traditions and the history, such as Essendon and Carlton in the AFL in Australia to become nothing more than small billboards running around on a ground. The whole idea of a player is restricted to what they have on the uniform as well as what they do, what they wear, what they eat and where they go. To be honest this isn't the entire life that may be beneficial apart from the financial aspect that would be good for you. Again this all comes back to the idea of the mass influx of money into the sport over the last 20 years and again we must ask where will sport be in 20 years?

The idea of the increase of money in sport has not been beneficial to the games, codes and leagues we know. Money allows for many things to take place that are totally unethical both socially and morally. Such as the ideas of cheating, bribery and match fixing. Is it all ok for this to keep on going? The answer is clearly no!! We cant let many of our favorite past- times just simply fade away after law suits and anti corruption commissions take place and ruin the games.

We all love sport and sport is loved by millions, lets not let the million$ ruin our game!!!

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