Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Term Paper on War in Iraq

Research Paper on War in Iraq

One of the major issues being discussed is weather or not troops should remain in Iraq. The US has already started to rebuild Iraq, we can not just decide to quit. If we just gave up, that would be throwing away all the time and effort we had recently put into developing the country. The troops should remain in Iraq until the job is finished. We were the ones to make the mess, now we have to proceed in cleaning it up. Successfully turning Iraq into a democracy would assist us in gaining back respect from other countries as well as Iraqis.


Our goal is to turn Iraq into a democracy. To do so we must finish what we have started. This was not said to be an easy task, but it is one we are committed to, and must remain committed to, until it is done ( If we were to leave Iraq, another dictator similar to Sudan Hussein may come to power, which would put the Iraqi people right back were they started before the US became involved ( By rebuilding Iraq, we could become potential allies, trading partners, or it could serve as a strategic location in the Middle East (

Although there have not been any weapons of mass destruction found yet, that is one more reason we should stay. If Iraq were to acquire WMDs it could threaten regional stability and deter any potential military action against them ( Concerns of the high cost of remaining in Iraq have been brought up as well. It will cost even more money if we leave now and have to come back and finish it in the future. Loss of lives may be another reason to send troops home, but even more will be at stake if we are to decamp. The lives of the Iraqis will be in jeopardy if another extremist comes to power.

It would be a greater benefit if US troops were to remain in Iraq until the rebuilding process is finished. We do not want to throw away the time and effort that was put into Iraq. If the US is to successfully turn Iraq into a democracy we would gain respect from other countries along with respect from Iraqis. Iraq could benefit us by becoming allies, trading partners or give us strategic location in the Middle East. More lives and money would be saved in the process as well. It would be in best interest for both the US and Iraq.

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