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Diversity Term Paper

Diversity Research Paper

Diversity is present in many facets of life. Diversity also comes in many forms. It can be in the form of racism, sexism, ageism, and many other forms. My feelings generally are feelings that go against any sort of diversity. I know that discrimination is present in today's society despite the efforts against it. I sometimes, however, tend to believe that others blow the amount of discrimination that is present out of proportion. Another belief of mine is that some who attempt to do good by raising awareness of discrimination and diversity go about their tasks in an inappropriate manner.


First and foremost, I believe that everyone on this earth is equal to me. Some may be smarter, more athletic, or different in any other manner, but the life of that other person is worth no more than mine. The same goes for those who are not as smart as I am, or who do not possess all the same qualities. I am no better than they are. I firmly believe that anyone who believes that they are better than another is ignorant to the different qualities and individuality of those other people. Diversity is something that is necessary. If all were the same, then life would be boring, miserable, and meaningless.

Although discrimination is present, and in the forms of racism, sexism, and many other forms is inherently wrong, I believe that on occasion it is blown out of proportion. Some statistics were read concerning the differences in employment and salaries between men and women. I believe that many factors can account for these differences that are not involved with negative discrimination. The fact that less women with similar degrees are employed in America's work force can be due to a number of reasons. One such situation that can account for these differences is motherhood. It is difficult to maintain a job and raise a young child at the same time. It is also proven that it is better for a child's development if the mother stays home with the child to nurse and take care of it, rather than send the child to day care. As for the differences in wages, this difference may be a result of the length of time a position is held, or it could be due to the hours worked. These details were not given in the statistics. Some may be working part time, and some may also have held a position for a longer period of time, which could account for the differences in wages. I do not know whether all of these possibilities were researched when the statistics were developed, but all scenarios should be considered when analyzing certain statistics, such as those involving employment between male and females.

Awareness of diversity and discrimination is necessary. Some people, I believe go about promoting awareness the wrong ways, however. The way the woman in the video approached awareness was not the right way. I do not, however, know what the right way to approach this subject is, but fighting fire with fire, as the video calls it, is not the right way. Others ways must be found.

In conclusion, awareness of diversity and discrimination must be raised; proper research must be done in order to accurately analyze statistics; and people must realize that we are all equal.

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