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Term Paper on Mexico

Research Paper on Mexico

Summer 2002, my church took a mission trip to Mexico. We stayed in Harlingen, Texas at a hospitality house. The females, we stayed and taught vacation bible school, while our guys went into Mexico and built bunk beds the first two days, and they worked the last three days at a church down there.

On Monday night after our guys returned from working they hardly said a word to us. Most of them ate and then went to bed. Seeing the way these guys acted really hit everyone hard and the women we were anxious to see what were to be the conditions of living.


Thursday afternoon we first got the opportunity to go to a shopping area down there known as Progresso, Mexico. Seeing how these people acted was truly amazing. First seeing women sitting on the sidewalks with a cup in her hand and feeding her little children that sit next to her, so calmly, but you can sense sadness in there hearts, really puts emotions on your heart.

You cannot buy stuff off of the little children down there either, because they instantly run and tell there friends what you look like to try and go see if you will buy something off of them. It can rip you apart because you would love to help all these children, but there is just not possible way.

Our next visit was the church that our guys were working on. It was a rough ride getting over there. One, the highway had four lances, but two of the lanes are like our shoulders on our highways. Secondly, once getting to town, they had one main street and the side streets are dirt. It would be rough getting around after a rainstorm.

When we arrived at the church we had brought leftover chicken from lunch for our guys to eat. Well one of the guys threw their chicken bone on the side of the church and one of the little kids that was watching our men eat ran over and picked up the bone and gnawed on it until there was nothing left on the bone.

Families live in homes that are the size of our schools office. They have dirt floors and their siding is old billboards. A month's wages for a family is $40.00. How do they live off of this salary, nobody really understands.

The city wide dump, people pay $.50 to go and pick out of the trash to gather food or anything that they could possible salvage to use in the homes, or put to good use, maybe to even sell for money. Can you believe the day the dump trucks come to dump all their garbage, people are lined up for almost a mile outside of the gates to come in and pick out of the trash.

City streets and rivers full of trash, it's amazing all the trash you see around their area. From all of the trash around the area it just puts out an awful stench. How they can live like that is interesting, around here we would complain twenty-four seven about something that smells so awful.

You know though, they live like that because they honestly don't know any different. That is how they live and their government shows them to live. We as Americans take too much for granted. Would we be able to survive off of just $40.00 a month and be as happy as the people of Mexico are? No, we are raised to acquire anything that we want. To me it was a great blessing to see how differently lifestyles change over a stretch of land between the United States and Mexico. It truly makes you proud that you are an American.

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