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Research Paper on Football

Research Paper on Football

Most people in Germany enjoy watching football on television or live in the stadium. Football is not only sport number one, but also the number one topic of conversation. Although it is so popular, many people, fans or not fans, discuss whether the football players are good value or not. So, is it fair that they earn so much more than others?


Of course stars like Ronaldo, Zidane or Beckham, but also all the other professional football players have a high training intensity with a minimum of two trainings per day and additional duties like for example meetings with sponsors or fan clubs. Many of them are engaged in social organisations and do a lot for poor and disabled people. They do a lot for the money they get.

On the basis of the high number of trainings and at least one game per week during the season means a high strain for the players. They get injured " often seriously " because of this high strain and the fact that their body is their capital. They have to give everything for the money, even their health.

These are arguments why professional football players are good value. The training intensitiy, the strain, the injuries that result from the strain and of course the age lead to the realization that the players are not able to do their sport for such a long time. They need the money because they have to built reserves for their later life.

The players deserve the money they get, for the clubs make huge profits with the player. Real Madrid for example expands - or at least wants to in the market of merchandising products in Asia because of the engagement of David Beckham. Madrid had to pay тВм 35 million, but experts say, that only the sell of the jersey with Beckham's number brings at least тВм 50 million back to Madrid. So the club has great economic advantages.

In the case of the most famous players, who are always in the spotlight, it is fair that they earn so much. They really have no private life because of their popularity. They are accompanied by photographers and journalists all the time and do not have a single moment for themselves or their families. They have to bear a lot. In the worst case, they are even blackmailed. "Nine people have been arrested in connection with an alleged conspiracy to kidnap Victoria Beckham and seek a 5m ransom." This happened to David Beckham in 2002 and is an evidence for the great pressure the players have to stand. The money compensates them for this pressure.

On the other hand you could say that the "work" of a football player can not be compared with the "real work" of a factory-worker or a manual worker. For the football player it is a hobby with a maximum of three to four hours of training per day, which is not too hard. For the factory-worker it is at least eight hours of hard physical work per day.

You could also say that not only football players get injured. Manual workers can be seriously injured in their jobs too. They could fall down from a scaffolding and break their bones or

Another fact is that professional football players get so much more than for example a professional handball player, although the handball player trains as often and as hard as the football player. He just gets more because football is the number one sport in Germany and not because he does so much more.

Some people say that the stars bring a lot of money for their clubs or even a whole region. But many people criticize, that the players ( and not only the best ones)still get contracts, that guarantees them millions of euros, despite the fact that the current economic situation is not the best.

The point that football players have no private life because of their celebrity and the permanent presence of media that is closely connected with it, could be invalidated by the fact that this happens only to the most popular players. "German football captain...has had to tell his pregnant wife he had a mistress" wrote "The Mirror". It is only interesting when the 34 year-old and very famous goalkeeper Oliver Kahn leaves his wife and his daughter for a 13 years younger party-girl, and not when an unknown player from Energie Cottbus does the same. So most of the players can still enjoy a calm private life and nevertheless get plenty of money.

In this discussion you have to take into consideration, that football players have much more free time than anybody else. The worker has about 4 weeks holiday per year, while the season of a football player lasts only for about 7 months. That means that they have about 5 months holiday. Ironic people would say that they need so much money because they have so much time to give it out. The majority however, thinks, that it is just unfair with regard to the rest of the working people.

So for both sides you can find several arguments. Everybody should decide for himself whether it is just that they earn so much or not. In my opinion it is not. "Beckham said he was delighted to be moving to Spain, though most people believe he's delighted to be cashing cheques for тВм 6 million a year in salary." That means he gets about 500,000 тВм per month, 125,000 тВм per week, 17,800 тВм per day and 740 тВм per hour. I think that is unfair with regard to the hard working people. Nobody is worth so much.

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