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Research Proposal on Dorian Gray

Dorian Gray Research Paper

In the novel Dorian Gray Dorian Gray s internal and external conflicts help to develop his unique personality. Also in this novel other major characters such as Basil Hallward and Lord Henry Watton also are developed by their external and internal conflicts. In the novel Dorian Gray Wilde use of both external and internal conflict helps to reveal and explore thecomplex personalities of his characters.

In Dorian Gray Wilde uses internal conflict in order to develop characters in his novel. The protagonist Dorian Grey is a goes through many internal conflicts throughout the novel in which we get a better understanding of who is really is.


For he is constantly battling a guilty conscience, age, the picture that made him young forever, and Lord Henry s corruption. The first major internal conflict with Dorian Gray occurs when he brutally rejects Sibyl when she performs horribly on stage. In his mind he feels guilty for what he has done but do Lord Henry s constant corruption Dorian comes to the realization that she was selfish for killing herself. This conflict tells one that Dorian is very susceptible to outside influences.

During this time is also the first time one is able to observe the developing the internal conflict in which Dorian becomes obsessed with his self portrait. This conflict entails that Dorian is very materialistic and obsessive. Throughout all of Dorian s internal conflicts we can make the assumption that he has no such moral code, but would if he wasn't under the constant corruption of his mentor Lord Henry. This reinstates the fact that Dorian is very susceptible to outside influences. The internal conflicts of Basil Hallward are minuscule in comparison to those of Dorian.

In Dorian Gray the other two main characters are developed mostly by external conflict. One can easily see that Basil and Lord Henry are somewhat selfish in the conflict about who spends more time with Dorian. Basil wants Dorian s attention non-stop so that he may paint beautiful pictures. On the other hand, Lord Henry wants Dorian s attention so that he can corrupt him in his own unique way. However through this conflict one can see that Basil does have a moral code, and also that he is quite passive when it comes to dealing with other people. One can also see that Lord Henry is quite aggressive, and is also very controlling or dominating. He like Dorian also has no moral code that he goes by. Through external conflict Dorian s personality is also developed a little more. In the conflict in which he killed Basil it is obvious that Dorian is very compulsive and doesn't think before he acts.

However in the end of the story where he stabs the picture and in doing so kills himself one might see that Dorian might have somehow reformed and may be redeemed by doing this. By by doing this last minute act of redemption he might actually have some redeeming qualities in his personality.

In Dorian Gray Wilde uses both internal and external conflict to develop the personalities of his characters. In using both Wilde is able to more fully developed each individuals characters unique personality. By doing this Wilde s makes his characters immortal and can now live on in the minds of every reader of Dorian Gray.

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