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Essay on Beach

Essay on Beach

It has taken me almost ten years to realize what a great influence going to my house at Cangrejera Beach has been on my life. I not only came to understand the greatness of the world and of the universe, but I also came to understand the power and beauty of nature.

My beach house is located in Cangrejera beach in El Salvador, between La Costa Del Sol and El Puerto De La Libertad. The beach boasts beautiful dark sand, tall palm trees, and some of the best waves in all of El Salvador. The climate is warm and very consistent throughout the year, and pelicans, dolphins, and other wildlife pass through this beach on a regular basis. During the nights, large sea turtles go ashore to lay their eggs. Many tourists from all over the world go to Cangrejera to enjoy the tropical climate El Salvador has to offer. The surf is the main attraction.

During the late fall the winds turn offshore. This is a condition where the wind is blowing from the land towards the ocean, which makes the waves break in such a manner that makes them perfect for surfing. Because of this, it is the best season of the year for surfers to go there.



The name "Cangrejera" is derived from "Cangrejo", which is Spanish for "Crab". It is so named because of the enormous quantity of crabs that inhabit this beach. During the night, they come out of their holes to the sand surface to look for food.

This beach is forty minutes away from the capital, which provides for very easy access. There are two small rivers that flow into the ocean at Cangrejera, making it a two-mile-long beach. Approximately twelve years ago, my father had a house built on an empty lot that belonged to my mother. It was a pretty small house with just two bedrooms in it. Five years later, my family had a bigger house built, right next to the old one. This house has four bedrooms instead of two, enough for many of our friends and relatives to sleep in. Ever since, my family has been to the beach more often, sometimes even for an entire week.

Spending time at the beach has helped me to stay in shape, by practicing sports such as surfing and kayaking. However, the sport I truly enjoy more than any other is surfing. Cangrejera beach offers many types of waves, from beginners level to advanced, which makes it the perfect place to learn. It was there that I learned this sport approximately four years ago, using an old board that my cousin got for Christmas.

Being at the beach showed me that there is a lot more to life than just television and video games. People have become so dependent on electricity lately that when there is a power failure, they get bored and don't know what to do. Going to the beach helped me overcome that dependency. When I was there, I would even forget that there was such a thing as electricity. It made me appreciate more the time I spent with my family, because there are no distractions such as the television and telephone, as there are at my house in the city.

Living in the capital means to live life in stress, without focusing on all the wonderful natural things that a place like the beach has to offer. This is why a Sunday at the beach is a welcome break from the everyday routine of the city life.

One of the ironies in life is how the human race keeps moving away from its origin, losing contact with the real world, and moving into a virtual world. It is ideas like these that I think of on those nights; beside me, the ocean; over the sand, me; and over me, the infinity of the universe.

The people are very poor in El Salvador, especially in rural areas like Cangrejera. I see many kids playing soccer with an empty soda can, running around creating such extraordinary beauty, making an instrument of happiness out of something that many people would consider garbage. This has shown me that you can reach happiness without having much money.

I also have a lot of friends who own houses there, so we all gather together every night to talk and lie on the sand for hours looking at the stars, which is the best part of the night. We get to talk for hours, until someone calls us to go inside because it is so dangerous to be outside at that time of the night. This is so because of thieves or muggers that sometimes wander around.

I think that being on the beach, especially at nights, really connects you with your world. It makes you appreciate its beauty, its delicate balance, its strengths and its weaknesses. This will make anyone more educated and more aware, as far as our ecology is concerned. I would definitely love to live at the beach. No other place has affected my life like Cangrejera has.

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