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Research Paper on Franklin D. Roosevelt

Research Paper on Franklin D. Roosevelt

Franklin D. Roosevelt was the 32nd President of the United States, he did a lot of things for the United States. Roosevelt also led the nation through the great depression and having a war with Japan for bombing Pearl Harbor. He is one of the beloved politicians of the 20th century.

Roosevelt also created programs/laws called the new deal that changed everything in the United States that could be helped for the peoples. I choose him because he is the most talked about president in the whole history who helped the economy better from collapsing. He also ended the great depression from preventing it from getting worse . I hope to learn more about his life in his childhood, education, and political ideas. Seeing about putting the world at war and starting it with World War II and the attack on Pearl Harbor in the shock of him hearing it. Roosevelt was one of the Presidents who were important to the history of him being one of the most reliable people who made a great change. Knowing how he became president in depth of how who he did and changed the world as president of the United States. This person had a lot in common in his name everywhere putting in books as an symbol of a great leader I think who lived in the 30s through 40s before his death occurred.


Franklin Delano Roosevelt was born on January 30, 1882 in Hyde Park, New York where his mother Sara Delano borne him. His father was James Roosevelt; he was a vice president of Delaware and of Hudson Railway. His father had made a lot of money in by a mass of fortune he did with China and by trading. Franklin was a “little prince” who gotten anything in his hand from his parents. Franklin spends time outside more then in the house where he lived at so he can learn a few things with his parents. His house was filled with servants, governess, and nurses who can come to his aid or anything personal. Their parents were travelling around to different places for his son to get familiar with. As he grew up he came interested in collecting stamps, birds, and anything that was from the sea. Soon everything he had was a collection that he loved to do and have. As his childhood passed by he wasn’t going to school and was having fun with his family doing anything he wanted. His whole childhood was learning different things/anything that he was interested in.

They had no problems in anything that was in their life, in which they can take care of themselves and never worry. The whole nation was still standing and rising pretty well in holding it together. His whole life let him filled with excitement having his father be the rich person in the family they inherited so much. Through his childhood, his father took him into the sea as he Franklin liked in his childhood.

When he went on the trips, his father gave him a lesson in yachting. As he was taught he and his father traveled up to Maine to Canada in a long trip they had got to. More and more it came to him in having a senseful life with his father and mother in living a big house, Franklin never dreamed before as he was born. As he thinks, Franklin never thought his life could be more fun without his father in living doing what he wanted. All of this with his parents whom cared for him in because he was an only child who had been their prince for them to spend time with.

As he went to school his parents enrolled him to Groton in the fall of 1896, a private school of upper-class boys in Salem, Massachusetts. This was a school for him to be obedience to God and the country. It as a result of a strong influence making all the boys including him pursues a career in politics and public service.

Meaning in as a lawyer, government of state, or president they could choose. When he was still in school he was 14 years old in which all the boys in that school was two years older than he was. It was because all the time with his parents spending time with him made Franklin lose a lot of his time in education. This had him think he wasted time just to be with his father and mother, now has him realized school was important to him. When Franklin was growing up he tried different things that interested him to do. The thing he did was he in a choir singing, school plays, and a leader on the debating team. In the spring of 1898 Franklin and two of his schoolmates planned to join the Navy instead of going to school. It was “Resolved, the United States must have a stronger Navy” was one their most memorable moment. He joined because of his dream of fighting in the Spanish-American War in Cuba. Soon after he became Assistant Secretary of the Navy, but had him realized he should never dropped out at first. Then he thinked it was a wrong to join at the first place. After that incident was over he went back and finished with his year in private school he tried to maintain a C average and passed then Graduate. He went on to Harvard in the fall of 1900. His father and mother died as he started his first year in college. As he finished at Harvard in June 24, 1903 he want on to Columbia law school where he finished his education as a lawyer. Then in 1910 as he was finished with law school he decided to go into politics and exchanged from his law career. He wanted to learn about politics because it was his goal to go on to be president and be in the White House instead. On January 1, 1928 he was finish he sworn to be governor of New York as he ran for when it came then next to become a leader in more power.

His first job was going to a lawyer, but had him changed into learning about politics which led being a governor. Franklin soon got his governorship in 1928 and was thrilled to becoming one ship closer to the White House in where he has plans for the future. As he ran for governor for New York in his hometown this was a whole revolution for him to change what it is today. Being Governor to him is something he can least to for himself and others around him. He thinks someday that being governor will make him a president someday. . By that time an enormity of depression came by this was a decision of the governor which was Franklin Delano Roosevelt. So his job now was to put the stock market crash away for the depression to be over. He dropped prices for people to buy goods from business in which they could afford.

There was very little money circulating, so in which Roosevelt had made easy credit terms for people as customers. Then banks were dropping down interest rates in practically giving money that needed it. As he was still governor he than took charge in being president as he promised. He ran for it against Herbert Hoover on January 23, 1932 in which he announced to run for president. As the days and months passed by he stated that he doesn’t want Hoover to be reelected and should take over for him. He promised the country to have public works program and conversation program. Then Roosevelt won the elected on March 4,1933 in as the 32nd president of the United States. So now his job being the president he probably sees a hard part to help the United States stay together. This was something he wanted to be in the White House and being in charged as he wished instead of being governor this was a whole new evolution for him. Since Hoover was out of the way he could now focus on helping people have a better life. Making him president is a special thing for him to do what people wanted have changed with agreeing with putting up issues that are fought. In at first being a lawyer was to help people, he saw being president was better than for everyone.

Contribution to American History
As he promise he putted everyone to work with his programs so to put people to work instead of being homeless on the streets. This was a relief for everyone who voted for him to make the economy better. Then was described as called “The New Deal” in which he created for his part in being president. Many of the programs in the new deal were many that came out to others in seeing it. So in which now he made programs such as (CCC) Civilian Conversation Corps, (AAA) Agricultural Adjustment Agency, (NRA) National Recovery Administration, (FDIC) Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, (SEC) Securities and Exchange Commission, and (WPA) Works Projects Administration. All these together helped the countries improve the condition from all the unemployment and the banks were more secure in having money. The depression still goes on but this helped hold on to the United States. Soon the Supreme Court had disagreed about this whole incident. The policies that Roosevelt had made were criticizing from the business community and others. Soon it got out of hand and the New Deal was done by the year 1939. In September 1939 World War II started at the beginning in which United States would help. Which led us into war and having a new beginning. The United States helped the allies of Europe, which led the war in a year or two into fighting. As each countries of Europe were surrendering and couldn’t hold on in which now Roosevelt had to do something. He visited the Prime Minister of England Winton Churchill who helped them defeat Germany when they soon going to invade. As his job as president he supplied them with weapons, ammunitions, and others needs for help them stop World War II. After the war thing was over it was the price of freedom in how Roosevelt had made to stop Germany from conquering other countries in Europe. In as President he made a decision, which kept the United State in peace. Then Pearl Harbor had came on December 7, 1941 when Japanese had bombed and attacked it. As this event was shocking to him, Roosevelt had heard about the crisis event. This made him died in his death in shock for he couldn’t take it anymore.

Death and the World Reaction
On April 12, 1945 Franklin D. Roosevelt had died of a cerebral hemorrhage which was stress from the blood to his vessel in his brain couldn’t take it anymore. He was a man who worked and never quit as president to make the economy better. It was all the exhausted overwork he did which led him to the disease. The world reaction was shock that a he was the president who helped people gets jobs in putting out a programs which was the New Deal. This changed the whole foundation of the United States and Nations put together. When the nation fell apart he took action for it and people liked a president like him who had made it better. People reacted like they loss a special president who changed the world for people to live a good life in them in how he cared. After 12 long years and governor/president he made a difference in ending the Great Depression. People liked his whole promising in which to have jobs that they had from being unemployed. This would of happen if he wasn’t to be president it would become a crippled nation as it started from the beginning.

When the world reacted this was a moment that they never forget about Franklin D. Roosevelt in how the demand was having people like him as president. It was like everyone wanted him to be president elected over and over so they can have him create a better place. This was a symbol of how he helps the United States in his great legacy from the past and now. The people who supported him in being president and governor that helped him would always remember Roosevelt. They never wanted him to go away because he was responsible person initiating programs today to be granted. Also other had thought he was a beloved person in politicians a person who can be in charge. Being in the White House for Roosevelt was like having him fight and do something people would want in demand a peace environment. Even if the New Deal couldn’t hold on people reaction would be that he tried to help us to stable for the whole nation.

I learned how to save the nation and economy from going into depression and has done many of things to help people. Roosevelt had made programs as it was called together the New Deal in which saves people from being on the streets. It helped people have a job and put the whole country into be stable. Also he wasn’t just the president he was also the governor of New York than being as a leader to this whole nation. He shown pride and success in putting new things we though would a president would have done. He’s so worthy because of how he changed the world from being into a failure to putting it back as it was. All the things were a person with passion in with how in trusted himself in him. Roosevelt was a brave person to work in any situation of how he wanted to be in charge. In researching him is worthy of how a new leader like him is worth looking and researching at to known all the main facts about him. We remember him because people knew as a president more than the governor did as he was. He stopped the stock market crashed in which we were in trouble with the bank and money people had to deal with. This is why we remember Roosevelt as a spiritual leader in fixing and promising other to elect him made a trust. He created the New Deal, which were lots of programs and a founder who saved the nation from going down under. If it weren’t for him no other president would have ever made this in his or her life. So in learning about made me know everything in what he did and have done for people in the United States to kept it safe from depression or not from happening. Having a president like this is also a legend who made this century turned around for us in every fact for him seeing a figure of him as remembered. In portraying the history of Franklin Delano Roosevelt is a celebrating for making the world a better place for the people back than to have jobs at the least from a collapse or in the end of time will be suffered with him now. I-Search check what is wrong and sent it back full edit with everything in order so you can finish it.

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