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Term Paper on Darwin

Term Paper on Darwin and Religion

Creation of the universe, was it through evolution or did God create the earth in seven days. Since we may not ever prove how the human race came to be we may only provide educated hypothesis. Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution provided a description involving micro-organisms that eventually evolved into apes then to humans by natural selection. While religions such as Christianity provided a theory through the bible consisting of God creating the universe in seven days. This included Adam and Eve, the first species of humans. Science and Religion are conflicting instances since science began to develop ideas that contrasted religious ideals. Due to early science involving religion, several hypothesizes intertwined science and religion; therefore, several philosophers insisted on the creation of man entirely up to God.


Evolution, a process by which Charles Darwin proposed natural selection, leads to reductive materials of moral philosophy. Charles’s theory of evolution consisted of survival of the fittest or the adapted organisms survive over organisms that do not adapt to surroundings environments. Darwin’s theory of evolution:

Organic life sprung from non-organic matter through evolution,
Original Life evolved into complex life forms through a natural process of random mutations. The basic premise is that matter acting on matter with a sufficient period of time can create anything either organic or non-organic.

Organic life may have sprung from a single organism through macro-evolution,
Complex life forms evolve through random mutations due to surrounding environment,
Environment acting on matter with an infinite period of time may create a new species, due to fossil records there is non-sufficient evidence of species evolving from mutations to create adapted organisms.

Natural selection has provided an explanation of how species came from a simple one-celled molecule. Over a period of billions of years species have evolved into complex organisms due to survival of the fittest. The highly adapted organisms survived years by positively adapting to changing environments. Several species adapted to the middle of the survival spectrum adapting to two different harsh environments. Evolution of a species takes years to become a perfected organism. Since organisms adapted to their surrounding environments natural selection proves that organisms came from less complicated species. Darwin philosophically came to this conclusion by observation. He proceeded to state that organisms came from macro-evolution, then by natural selection and evolution to create the complex organisms of today. Due to Darwin’s observational status, non-religious views, and lack of evidence, there are several criticisms of the theory of evolution by natural selection.

Evolution, a theoretical process based on observation, has a lack of evidence pertaining to its conclusion. Since natural selection conflicts with religion, Christianity criticized the scientific theory of evolution carefully. Lack of evidence is the main factor pertaining to this evolutionary theory. Assumptions of mutations is an educated hypothesis, but according to fossil records there should be more transitional forms of fossils showing mutations evolving over billions of years. Theories of observation are discouraged in philosophical text. Since the creation of the earth is unknown how may one conclude that non-organic material was the beginning of all organisms. Such a simple organism evolved into complex organism. There is no evidence of how this activity occurred. A simple organism may stay a simple organism due to its inability to convert because of its simplicity.

Random mutations occur due to what nature, how do organisms adapt with such ease, and why doesn’t the human race keep evolving. Surrounding environments of the present are ever-changing, because of the different variations of the world’s atmosphere. To be an adaptive organism, species must change positively to survive in any given environment. When simple cells were first developed, the brain power would have to develop into a thinking species containing the items to survive. A developin species needs a constant environment for a period of years, then as a gradual weather change occurs, the their chance for adaptation and survival will be greater compared to a rapid environment change. Fossil records provide evidence that there was an adaptive change. Not enough evidence is shown to prove the theory of evolution. Fossil records show complete specimens instead of fossil showing gradual changes over a period of years. Since the argument provides insufficient evidence and material, especially since religion was not included.

Theory of evolution is an educated theory that gives a valid explanation how the world might have came to be. But the world consists of religion, so the world may have been created by a high being; for example, God. Even if the Lord above did not create the world in seven days, he created earth an provided an environment for an organism to evolve in.

God created earth.
God created the first simple micro-organism,
God create the perfect environment for an organism to perform random mutations,
God is responsible for the creation of all species,
Since God created earth and the first non-complex organism,
Darwin’s theory of evolution was half correct,
Darwin excluded God, then Darwin is wrong.

God gave us the power to reason, so we developed through experience and learning. Darwin was right in certain instances but not involving religious point of views is where Darwin’s theory of natural selection left an important aspect that angered religious leaders. So Darwin’s theory may be wrong, since the reconstructed hypothesis intertwines religion and science.

Several theories were introduced for the creation of the universe. Since Darwin’s theory of natural selection is the most popular, his validity is among the highest of early philosophers. Darwin’s theory lacked supportive evidence making it an assumption rather than pure fact. Because it was completely observational, several philosophical scientists agreed with the information stated. Religion, a major aspect of society, affected hypothesis of philosophers and scientists , but Darwin went against all odds to promote his theory of evolution. Fossil record do not show a gradual steady process in which organisms evolved over billions of years. So fossils actually downgrade validity of natural selection. Adaptation of organisms may be the only chance for species to survive. Religious aspects of the world affect everyone. God’s creation of the earth from a single molecule is the middle of the conflicting spectrum between science and religion. Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection is the highest educated theory of our time. Due to the religious status of the world, it will never be widely accepted. Beliefs systems of the world will influence judgment, especially when science and religion are involved.

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