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Term Paper on Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club Research Paper

I awoke this morning around nine o’ clock after a peaceful night’s sleep in my cool comfy bed with my purple cotton sheets wrapped around me. My alarm clock was the soothing sound of Mitchell playing his acoustic guitar. I can’t exactly see myself but I know I was smiling as I awoke. But as I opened my eyes I realized something was different. I was in my own bed but not my own room. My purple walls were gone, along with all of my old furniture. This new room is light and airy, with white curtains blowing around in a warm gentle breeze that smells salty like the ocean. I couldn’t believe my eyes, so I squeezed them shut over and over again to make sure I was awake. But it was true. I was in my dream room. I spun around to land my feet on the ground and slipped them into a pair of white fluffy slippers (to match the white fluffy robe hanging nearby), and I began to walk around. I could hear people in the other room so I walked out to investigate. I emerged out of my room to see that the rest of my house was decorated as beautifully as my room had been. There were sliding doors all around, open to the outdoors. The warm breeze was like gentle hands caressing my face.


All of my favorite people were at my house, all of them laughing and having fun. Nicole and Leah were giggling about a funny guy in a speedo they’d seen strolling down the beach, Jon and Garret were playing Goldeneye on play station, and Charlie was making a sculpture out of clay. Each of them ran up to give me a hug as I walked into the room. I walked out onto the deck to see the beautiful beach. The sun shone brightly and there were only a few clouds in the sky which I quickly decided looked like a giraffe and a boat. Emma and Emily were playing some volleyball down on the beach volleyball court with some cute boys they’d met from down the beach. Brady was over shooting hoops and I challenged him to a quick game, which I won. Then we all went for a swim in the ocean during which time I somehow shed my fear of fish and all other things fish-like and just had fun.

I got dressed in my favorite jeans and a comfy t-shirt and suggested that we all go out for breakfast at Perkins. I ordered french toast, bacon, hash browns, toast, and a bagel with cream cheese and was able to eat it all without getting sick. It was the best tasting meal I’d ever eaten.

After eating all that food I needed to do some exercising so we went rollerblading. We decided that Venice Beach would be the best place to go since there are so many interesting people and things to see there. I got my palm read by a gypsy woman who said that I would live a long and fulfilling life and that I would die peacefully and happily.

When we were done rollerblading Emma and I thought we’d go do something adventurous. It was time to go skydiving. I’d wanted to do it for so long and I finally got my chance. We got in a plane and took off into the air. This particular plane was smaller than the huge jumbo jets I’m used to and I got a little scared during take off. But Emma reassured me by making me laugh at the goofy jumpsuits and goggles we were wearing and we got up safely into the sky and found just the right spot for us to jump. I went first. It took me a little while, but I went first. As I climbed out onto the side of the plane the wind was rushing all around me, making my jumpsuit ripple and feel like it was going to fly off. I couldn’t hear a thing but I felt Emma’s hand on my shoulder signaling me to jump. I let go of the plane, spread my arms and dove into the sky as though I was jumping off a diving board. I looked up to see Emma jump too. I had a few minutes to free fall before I had to open my parachute and they were the best three minutes of my entire life. I could feel my heart beating rapidly in my chest, harder and faster even than after running the mile. My face was a little cold from the wind but I ignored it. My goggles kept the wind from my eyes and I could see for miles around. The ocean was off to my left, the city of Los Angeles to my right, and below me, beautiful countryside. I was a bird soaring through the air, defying gravity. As I opened my parachute, I began to float down more slowly to the ground, coming to a safe landing. Emma landed less than a hundred feet from me and we instantly ran straight for each other into a half hour long hug and sharing of each other’s experience.

Although it’s tough to follow up skydiving, my next event of the day was almost as great. I had lunch at a Chinese buffet with John Cusack. I had the cream cheese wantons with sweet and sour sauce and John had the lemon chicken. He began to tell me about how much he loves me and how we should run off and get married but I had to remind him of how I’m only sixteen and he’s, well I don’t know exactly how old he is but I’m guessing somewhere around forty. We decided to remain close friends, and he still invited me to his next movie premiere.

My sister and I decided to go shopping around two. We couldn’t decide where to go though. She said London. I said New York. So we just decided to go to both, and Paris too. We spent the afternoon together wandering the cities and looking at all of the beautiful sites they have to offer. We saw the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, the Empire State Building, all of it. And I picked up myself a new wardrobe. It had been a bit cool in London so I had to buy myself a new fake fur coat (real fur is gross), with matching hat, scarf and mittens. It was rough. I also bought Mitchell a new acoustic guitar. I couldn’t decide which kind to get him but I called up Steve Vai and he helped me pick out a good one.

In the late afternoon Hillary and Elle called and wanted me to go out to dinner with them in Mexico. I wanted to go to the Virgin Islands, so we settled on the Caymans. I wore a beautiful new red Gucci dress I’d bought in Paris and we ate at the fanciest, most expensive restaurant we could find, whose name I can’t recall. But they made the best grilled cheese and tomato soup I’d ever eaten, next to my mom’s of course. They served it to me just right, not too hot, not too cold.

When we were done eating, we went to a nearby club and went dancing for a few hours. They played all of my favorite songs and everywhere I went in the entire club it smelled like Coconut-lime Bath and Body Works spray, which happens to be one of my favorite scents. I danced all night until two in the morning when I finally started to get a little winded. I decided to see if Mitchell wanted to go for a walk on the beach with me. So I flew over and picked him up at his house in my plane and brought him to Mexico where we wandered around aimlessly staring up at the sky. We were walking just on the edge of the ocean so that the water splashed up around my ankles. I’m not quite sure where I left my shoes, but the warm water felt good on my feet so I didn’t mind. As we walked further down the beach, we saw a soft glow in the distance. As we got closer, we saw our friends were having a bon fire on the beach. All of my closest friends were there laughing, talking, and making s’mores. We partied until the sun came up at which point we all jumped in my plane and flew back to my house. There, we made pancakes and eggs, but not for me because I hate eggs, and sat around lazily watching movies and sleeping.

I’m currently working on a plan to turn this into a perfect week. Strike that, make it a month. Well, actually, if I’m gonna go all out with it anyway. . .Ah forget it. That’s the end.
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