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Research Paper on Queen Elizabeth

Research Paper on Queen Elizabeth

Elizabeth I was the queen of England and Ireland from 1553-1603. She had many talents, which enabled her to be a strong, capable leader. Elizabeth I was one of the most notable personalities of Tudor for many reasons, one being that she kept steadiness in a nation troubled by political and religious rebellion and maintained authority of the crown against the pressures of parliament.

Queen Elizabeth was the daughter of Henry VIII and his second wife Anne Boleyn. Elizabeth’s birth was possibly seen as her father’s greatest disappointment as he already has a daughter Mary, and was hoping for a son and heir to the throne.


When Henry died in the January of 1547 and his son Edward became King. Even though Mary and Elizabeth were officially illegitimate, before his death Henry had reinstated his two daughters into the line of succession. The order to the throne was Mary to follow Edward and Elizabeth to follow Mary. Edward died in 1553, which made Mary Queen of England. Mary was not a very popular queen, and was suspicious of Elizabeth. On November 17th 1558 Elizabeth finally succeeded to the throne. She was crowned Elizabeth Queen of England on January 15 1559. Although Elizabeth’s right to the throne was questioned, she eventually succeeded to become Queen of England.

Many changes were occurring around the time of Elizabeth such as religious, developments in knowledge and new ideas in England as well as throughout Europe. The world centered around Europe as America had only just been discovered, and was a land for adventures and explorers to discover and bring back to Europe items such as tobacco and potatoes. At this time the pope was arguably the most important person in Europe. France was troubled during the time of Elizabeth. It looked as though France was on the verge of rivaling with Spain as dominant power. Mary Queen of Scots claimed to be Queen of England, and England was venerable of an attack from both Scotland and France. Although France was officially catholic there were still a number of Protestants in the country. These people were called Huguenots. Literature bloomed through the works of Shakespeare, Marlowe, and Spenser. The Holy Roman Empire was a land made up of many provinces each governed by their own prince.

Scandinavian countries were monarchies, with Sweden and Denmark having their own sovereigns. Norway was under the rule of the Danish and Sweden was a protestant country.

Hungry and Poland were on the edge of the Turkish states and belonged to the Ottoman Empire.

The Ottomans were considered a threat to Christian Europe. Antwerp was the center of European trade in the Netherlands. During this time many Protestants fled to Europe bringing with them craftsmanship skills that England could learn.

Elizabeth was one of the most notable of her time from many reasons such as religious and political. She preserved solidity in a nation plagued by political and religious rebellion. Elizabeth eliminated religious unrest and took a strong protestant stand. She also re-established the protestant church. Elizabeth’s presence improved trade and the standard of living. She established the “poor law” which made every local parish responsible for their own poor people; this law lasted for around two hundred and thirty years. Homeless beggars were severely punished.

Elizabeth’s presence also helped unite the nation against foreign enemies. Elizabeth listened to the advice of the people around her, and would change a policy if it seemed unpopular.

Elizabeth’s religious compromise put many fears to rest. She proved she could lead in war as well as any other man could. Elizabeth was particularly wise in statecraft, and although she had the Tudor view that the crown remained higher over parliament she was tactful enough to avoid conflict between the two. When Elizabeth succeeded to the throne it meant the end of persecution for Protestants, and Catholics became aware that Elizabeth did not hold their religious beliefs like they passionately had been by Mary. Elizabeth was a dedicated Queen; in a way very few monarchs had been or have been since. She was a very determined woman and was one of the most popular Queens ever to reign. Under Elizabeth’s rule the nation became peaceful and prosperous.

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