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Adolph Hitler Essay

Adolph Hitler

Adolph Hitler, a German political and military leader, was an extremely powerful man. Hitler was able to influence people’s thoughts creating a fully militarized society that eventually launched World War II. Hitler created an anti-system to build the Nazi Party into a mass movement that was against the non-Aryan race. He instituted sterilization and euthanasia measures to enforce his idea of racial purity among German people and caused the slaughter of millions of Jews, Gypsies, Slavic people and many others that he considered inferior. How did Hitler plan on eliminating these people? This question is unclear to me. I wanted to fully understand what Hitler was planning to do with all of the people that he thought of as inferior. Why was Hitler so intolerant with them? How did Hitler so easily spread his strong hate throughout all of Germany? Why was Hitler especially intolerant with the Jews? How was he able to make sure that the people he was killing were actually Jewish or of the non-Aryan race? By answering these questions I hope that I will be able to find the true answer of what Hitler’s ultimate plans were.

Hitler hoped to conquer the entire world. At one time he dominated most of North Africa and Europe. I think that by eliminating the people that didn’t fit into the “blond hair and blue eyes” category, the Aryan race, Hitler felt that he would have an easier time in taking over the world because the German were all in favor of Hitler’s idea, and the non-Germanic people were “non-believers” of his thoughts.



I know that Hitler enforced concentration camps throughout different parts of the country. Also referred to as “Death Camps”, the concentration camps are what claimed the lives of more than 10 million people during World War II. These camps contained innocent bystanders and put then in inhumane living conditions. Families were forced to be separated and didn’t have free rights or choices.

Hitler spread his hate for the non-Aryan race by using propaganda. He was able to influence the people of Germany to turn against the inferior race and by using misleading information making them believe that killing was the right thing to do. Hitler assured the German soldiers that people of the non-Germanic ethnic race were “non-human” and “deserved to be killed”. (Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 2001)

In researching what Hitler’s main plans were, I have found a lot of helpful. Hitler had a lot of control during the time of the Holocaust. He was determined to change people’s opinions and make them do what he wanted. Hitler used different types of propaganda every day in everything that he did. He used repetition in his speeches and interviews. He made several references to killing the Jews and others of the non-Aryan race. This idea finally stuck into peoples heads and they believed it was the right thing to do. (Questions about the Holocaust page 1)

He used assertion when he made it clear to the Germans that they were doing the right thing and the people of the non-Aryan race deserved to die. He assured the soldiers that the Jews were taking over all the businesses and that they were going to soon control everything. He told the Germans that as soon as all of the non-Aryan race was gone then they would have a better life. (Microsoft Encarta 2001)

He used lying propaganda when he said that the Jews were bad people and didn’t deserve to live. Hitler’s facts were always misleading to his benefit. He must not have realized how much of an impact his false accusations would eventually change the world.

He used selection when he left out all of the good things that the people of the non-Aryan race did. He didn’t mention to the Germans that a lot of the Jews were good, kind and helping people.

Finally Hitler used pinpointing the enemy. Hitler made it clear to the Germans that “blond hair- blue eyes” was the master race and all others were inferior. He made the Jews wear the Star of David, which made them stand out on the crowds. (Questions about the Holocaust page 1)

Propaganda obviously changed the minds of the Germans to turn against the non-Aryan race. I think that at the beginning Hitler knew how powerful speech is and how much it influences people’s thoughts. By using all of these different types of propaganda, Hitler was able to let the German soldiers do all the killing for him.

Hitler also built several concentration camps. At these camps life was horrible for the inmates! Also known as labor camps, the concentration camps were what claimed the lives of most of the non-Germanic people.

Some major camps were:
Auschwitz: Auschwitz was the first concentration camp established in Poland. This camp killed 35% of the Jews killed during all of World War II. About 2 million prisoners were killed in Auschwitz.

Buchenwald: This camp was one of the most famous labor camps known for working people to death. The prisoners actually had to build this camp themselves, which took then 2 years! This was the only camp ever built by its prisoners. At this camp there was extremely horrible conditions.

Dauch: Dauch claimed the lives of more than 1.5 million prisoners. At this camp bodies were piled into graves 400 high. When they ran out of room, they started cremating the bodies. Dauch is responsible for the idea of cremating bodies at the concentration camps.

These camps are some vague examples of what when in the lives of the non-Aryan race. By building these camps Hitler was able to “wipe out” a large amount of non-Germanic people.

Hitler contained the Jews in sections of towns called ghettos. He derived this idea from Pope Paul IV who established ghettos in Venice. Although in 1870, the king of Italy, Emmanuel II abolished the ghettos… Hitler thought that they would be very helpful in his plan for annihilation of the Jews.

When did the “Final Solution” actually begin? Even thought thousands of the Jews were killed as a result of the third Reich, Hitler didn’t plan on killing all of the non-Germanic people until 1941. (Questions about the Holocaust page 3)

“ The decision on the systematic murder of the Jews wasn’t made final until the German invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941” (Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia)

Hitler never was tolerant with the non-Aryan race. He jumped to conclusions that they were all bad and never gave a majority of them a chance. He just assumed that they were the biggest threat of his goal to rule the world. He never gave them choices of what they wanted and he never thought what he was putting them and their
families through.

Hitler’s plan on elimination the non-Aryan race was complex. He used all the false images from propaganda and convinced the Germans to the Jews to concentration camps. Essentially all Hitler wanted was to be in control of the world. He knew that the non-Germanic people were his only obstacle in achieving his goal. Basically, Hitler planed to kill everyone that stood in his way of power. This was his only real plan, and though not a very moral one, it did help him to advance to his next step in taking over the world.

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