Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Essay: Should Gay Couples Be Able to Marry?

Gay marriage is one of the most controversial and relevant issues nowadays. We can hear about discrimination of gays every day. Same-sex marriage is something really astonishing and shocking for the majority of people. When we turn on a TV, we will definitely hear about the cases of physical or psychological abuse of gays. Obviously, this problem is very urgent and it requires effective and rapid solution. Should gay couples be able to marry? This question bothers nearly everyone today. 

People have divided into two parties, which support two opposite ideas. There are people who support gay marriage and there are people who do their best to prohibit same-sex marriage on the official level.

Gay marriage is a brand new phenomenon. It is possible to say that same-sex marriage is a result of liberalization of the human society. People have the right to do all they want if it does not cause harm to others. It is difficult to understand the reason of such a negative attitude towards gay marriage. The answer is very easy. It ruins the basis of Western culture. Moreover, it ruins religious and social laws that have existed for centuries. People are conservative and they are not ready for any alterations and innovations. They do not want to change their lifestyle. Of course, there are many people who understand the roots of this problem and they support gays and their desire of getting married.

Let us pay attention to the opponents of the idea of same-sex marriage. They claim that gays must not get married, because it is unnatural. They believe that a traditional family should consist of a mother, a father and children. In this case, a child loses his opportunity to have a mother and a father. Of course, this argument is weak, but it has its right for existence. Then, a same-sex couple is not able to bring up a child in the proper way, because a child requires male and female influence. This argument is also weak, because there are many single-parent families. Consequently, the child receives only male or female attention like in a gay family. Then, gay marriage promotes homosexual lifestyle. In my opinion, it is not right, because it is impossible to become a gay. No one will become a gay, because he sees it on TV or in the street.

Frankly speaking, I support the idea of gay marriage, because it does not cause harm to other people. 

When an individual has different preferences and sexual orientation, he has the right to get married with the person who shares his preferences. It is a mistake to think that a same-sex couple cannot have children. This couple is able to adopt a child who requires love and care and he/she will definitely receive it. Finally, it is wrong to think that homosexuality is unnatural. Many scientists have proved that homosexuality can be met among the representatives of some species of animals. 

Consequently, this phenomenon is natural but its frequency is low. Finally, some say that gay marriage offends God. It is not right, because every religion promotes the idea of love; therefore, same-sex marriage does not violate any religious laws.

In conclusion, gay couples should be allowed to marry. Everyone has the right for happiness and love. When one has decided to connect his life with another person, it is not reasonable to break this union. It is important to provide gays with the right to get married, because it does not offend other people.

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